Competative gaming headphones

Hi guys, wondering if you can help me chosing headphones here. There is so many different opinions and reviews about the various high end headphones when it comes to using them for competative fps gaming, so much so that I am finding it difficult to decide which ones to purchase.

I am in Australia, so we cannot return them once we purchase them unfortunately, unlike other countires where you are allowed to return or exchange them, so I really need to make a good choice.

After many hours of researching, I have narrowed it down to the two below:

-DT 1990 Pro, they seem to have the most consistent reviews for FPS gaming. They have the least negative reviews about them hence why I have it at the top of my list.

-AD2000x, once again, they seem to be regarded pretty highly with fps gaming without many if any, negative reviews. All though, I havent been able to find many reviews at all about them.

-HD 800S too expensive, in Australia they are 4x the price of the DT1990 pro, so I am not going there.

Will be powered with a Schiit Hell 2e, or something similar. Main priority is imaging accuracy for footsteps, soundstage and ingame sound quality. No movies or music listening required.

I am coming from Hyper X cloud Revolver S, which in my opinion have been great for gaming. I have no trouble detecting direction of foot steps in PUBG, and I like the openenss sound to them even though they are closed back. But they are old headphones and wouldnt mind something better if I can find it. And it was getting difficult to seperate close footstep sounds when there was gunfire within 100m ingame player distance.

I tried the Arctis Nova Pro due to the raving reviews online about them, and was immediately dissapointed and annoyed with that purchase becuae I hated them upon use. Mostly because of the tiny sound stage! Yes it had good imaging, but i totally hated the small soundstage, sound felt like it was coming inside my head, it actually made me sick. Maybe I am not use to that sort of sound, but I tried hard for 2 weeks of use, to get accustomed to them for the sake of not being mad at myself for wasting the money on them! But I just couldnt bear myself to like them even after 2 weeks of use and tweaking. So I got rid of them.

If you prioritize precise sound positioning and details in gaming, the DT 1990 Pro might be the better choice for you. And also, DT 1990 Pro has better sound separation and wider sound stage.

Good news, my friend is letting me borrow his DT 1990 pro and Schiit Hel, tommorow.

So now I will have a nice clear way of experiencing it for myself.

I am just worried, if there is too much detail it may be too distracting from a competitive stand point.

Anyways, time will tell as I will be able to test them tommorow night.

If you have the time our @Falenkor’s thread will have already answered any question you’ll ever have about Competitive gaming HP’s and or set ups :+1:


Ok so I had a quick read and coincidentally enough, falenkor states the DT1990s as the best for gaming.

I just used my friends DT 1990 Pro, with a Schiit Hel 1. I have only played about 15 mins of PUBG with it so far, and I can definitely say WOW! What a difference the sound stage and imaging is even compared to my Cloud Revolver S which already had fairly good imaging and sound stage.

The DT1990 is on another level.

I could hear enemy footsteps incredibly clearly that were about 35m west of me on a floor above, and I could pin point his exact location without even looking at him. With the Cloud Revolver S I would have definitely not been able to tell as precisely where the enemy in that situation was, I would have only vaguely known. So yes, the DT1990s are defs what I was looking for in terms of imaging and sound stage.

Also, the sound separation is phenomenonal on these DTs. I entered a situation where I had planes flying above my player and gunshots going off in the distance, I could still precisely and separately tell what direction and distance all these sound effects were originating from. Once again, the Cloud Revolver S would have struggeled there, all the sound effects would have just been jumbled together.

However, there is one problem with the DTs, that is the gunshot loudness is painfully loud! I have turned the volume dial down on the Schiit Hel a good amount and even ingame volume set to 50%, but gunshots are still blistering my ears! I don’t want to keep turning the volume down until I can’t hear the enemy whereabouts so clearly anymore.

Any suggestions? I want to try to keep all sound effects loud except for my gunshots, its piercingly loud! I thought about using the sound lock program, but I could never get it to work in PUBG when I tried using it a long time ago. Anyways, like I said, I have only played around with it for 15mins so far. Going to need to play around with it further.

But so far, so good! Love these DTs!

If you don’t eq? then pad rolling should help, the 1990’s come with two sets of pads Analytical and Balanced did you try both?…If you go to official thread for the 1990’s there’s plenty of discussion about how to rein in the treble with a few folk rec’ing Dekoni elite velour’s :+1: