🔷 Cooler Master MH751 / 752

This is the official thread for the Cooler Master MH751 / 752. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Closed Back

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I got the MH752 after buying the KSC75, and sold out to the word of Zeos, which turned the Sennheiser headset I had at the time into a desk mic. The MH752 worth every penny IMO, I will say, however, I add a 1-1.5DB boost on frequencies under 80hz using equilizer APO when I’m gaming at a lower volume that I’m not playing seriously. Payday 2 soundtrack sounds money through it everything I put it through sounds great. Pushed it as hard as I could just to see how loud they got, I got to 3 o’clock on high gain with my ODAC/O2 amp before I noticed distortion. Don’t know if that’s the amp/dac or the headphones themselves, but it was LOUD! I may or may not have taken it to 2 o’clock on high gain for gaming/listening to music on a couple occasions. Another note, I’ve never had a pair of closed back headphones, my Sennheisers were open back and obviously my KSCs are, switching to a closed back was interesting at first, when no one on Discord is talking and I happen to not be playing/listening to/watching anything. I can hear my heartbeat and it was jarring at first, easily remedied by putting something on while I’m wearing them. This headphone is the first one I’ve ever positively perceived width, which suprised me. :star::star::star::star::star:

I bought the MH751, but they where faulty, so I had to return them.

They did sound good, but my friends on discord could also tell…
The output from them, leaked into the input for some reason.
So my playback could be heard on discord.
At first, I thought it was the mic picking up the output, so I disconnected the mic(On the headset), but it continued to transmit.

I couldn’t find anyone that could check, if it was a general design problem, or just a faulty unit, so I returned them for a refund.
Which cost me ~13$ in shipping. :sob:

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Hi. I needed to replace a cheap gaming headset that broke and I happened upon Z-reviews… AND thank god I did. This headset is just stunning for the price and I think Zeos was right to get so excited about it in the review. I’m sure many on this site will say that a really amazing Planar headphone or a snazzy open back will completely out-class these headphones, but I would say that the MH751s have completely out-classed every other headphone under 100 bucks I’ve owned. I thought these were great value after gaming in them, but then I tried plugging into a little portable headphone amp (not required, but they do really shine with a little more juice) and listening to some of my favourite tunes. Fk-a-doodle-doo did they blow me away. I’ve tried so many genres and they just satisfy. I particularly like how they present old R’n’B and Blues music and they really do female vocals justice. Then I tried a Haydn Symphony and Crikey!.. they even do classical music justice. In fact, if you have already bought this headset and are looking at what people say about it, please try listening to these through them … PEACE >

Irma Thomas



I first heard about these from HardwareCanucks which I watch only for entertainment value.

So naturally I brushed these off. Then I see Z’s unboxing, then I go back and look for Z’s actual review. Then I see Z’s written review on Amazon, then the purchase.

I have yet to experience any issues, as I’m very satisfied with these.

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Just ordered a pair to replace my CB-1 and Hyper X Cloud 2. Can not wait to try em out. Will be editing this on Friday when I get the cans…

Edit: Just got them in, holy hell I’ve never had a headphone that was just comfortable out of the box. In terms of comfort I’m more excited to wear these than I am my HE400i. Will update again later when I have a chance to really sink into em and listen for a while.

Edit Edit: Yup. They’re solid. They replaced both my CB-1 and Hyper X Cloud 2 in a couple hours of listening.

Mic is also shockingly good, I’d say on par your average phone call. Definitely better than most mics attached to headphones. But if it’s not your thing, yes, the v-moda boom pro works with this headphone.

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These sound really good. I’m driving these with the USB amp thing. But still, some say it sounds even better if you plug them into something with more power. I’m planning on buying these for that: https://www.amazon.com/FX-Audio-Optical-Coaxial-Amplifier/dp/B072JJT7SF

Sound can leak into the mic but honestly that’s not a huge deal for me. I have to have the mic very close to my mouth and the volume turned up really high for that to happen.

One more thing, I installed Peter’s Equalizer APO and copied metal571’s configuration. I can listen to music without the EQ but sound becomes more natural and less sharp with EQ.

Headphones themselves have their own EQ program, but I mostly use it to adjust bass and treble. I have everything else on a flat 0.

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I really like them. They beat the pants off of the ATH-M40x in comfort and isolation. They are a sliver fatiguing, so I’m waiting for an AutoEQ profile before I put them into my main rotation. Hopefully Rtings reviews them soon so the measurements get posted.

Haven’t tested the mic.

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Bit of a specific post here, but I recently found that the tiny screw on the underside of the horseshoe shaped part that attaches the ear cups to the headband had come loose on my MH 751s. It’s impossible to get a screwdriver into the small gap between the screw and the cup, so I fashioned a incy-wincy screwdriver by using a disc cutter to shave a smidge off of one of those small hexed metal driver attachments so it would fit in the gap (the ones that fit magnetically into omni drivers/screwdrivers with a magnetic opening at the end for driver bits). It needed to be a pretty small philips head as the screw is small, but it worked. Hope this might help someone that has the same issue!

Hey where did you find metal571’s configuration? At the moment I’m experiencing the same thing where it sounds very sharp and I would like to make the MH751 sound more natural.

EDIT: I stopped using Peter’s Equalizer APO and now I know that I made a huge mistake. Just don’t EQ anything, keep it flat or increase the bass a bit if you want. Use Foobar2000 to play your music.