Could you compare this 2 iem?


I would like to know the experiences of people who have had these two products:
-Moondrop Variations
-Fiio Fh9

What sonic differences are there?

It is important that it is only from people who have had both, have them, or have been able to hear them at some point.

Thank you.

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The Variations are incredibly unnatural sounding to me with a very big midbass suck out that leaves the low end with now authority/articulation, IMO. On top of that, I find the timbre in the mids to sound quite plasticky or artificial. The Variations definitely cater to the Asian/weeb style of tuning.

The Fiio FH9s were thoroughly unimpressive to me. The DD and BAs aren’t well integrated which leaves them feeling segmented/incongruous and they have some of the worst BA timbre I have heard in an IEM in their price range. I also found the staging, imaging, layering and other techs to be average at best.

If you tell me/us what kind music or tuning you prefer, what your budget is and what country you’re from, I’m sure I/we can point you to some better options, if you’d like.


All FiiO BAs have an unnatural timbre and artificial sound with below average technical characteristics for the price. It is!
Variations are for K Pop and J Pop and nothing else, they are for regional Chinese use. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
For good IEMs look elsewhere.

To give a different perspective, the Variations are a great set and have Endgame Potential, but the Tuning is not for everyone. Technicalities are better than almost every other set in it‘s price range, and it even competes up to the kilobuck mark in my opinion (where after it then gets outresolved by sets like the Helios, U12t, ….).

It‘s a very clear and lean set with a large bass boost exclusive to sub-bass frequencies and great treble extension. Vocals, especially females, are a bliss to listen on on these.

Usually people fault it for having to little mid-bass for their taste, whereas it‘s still fine for people like me.

Ultimately, if you have the chance, try to listen to them yourself. That is the only way to find out if you really do like a set or not before committing to buy.

That’s exactly why I love this forum…Thank you all :pray:


Seems very similar to the OG Blessing 2 then -.-


Actually, you’re right on with that comment. I find the timbral problems of the B2 and the Variations to be very similar. The subbass presentation on the Variations is more like the B2 Disk though.


It’s pretty cool right? Totally different opinions and yet no mudslinging or name calling at all. Exactly why I spend my forum time almost entirely here these days. :+1::sunglasses:


Thanks for letting me know. Thats the one info i havent really been sure about with the B2 and Var.

I guess the B2 Dusk also shares that problem?

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NP. :+1: The B2 duo both have some of the worst/most unnatural timbre I have ever encountered, especially in an IEM as popular as they are. It is an issue I have seen others remark upon as well though. They’re one of the IEMs I would recommend someone check out if they want to know what classic BA timbre sounds like.

Edit: The B2Ds timbre is slightly, and I mean slightly, better though.

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Haha yeah its also one of my worst iems in timbre and coherency. The fact that it is also tuned to be “neutral” also makes me question it even more since if you want something neutral you DEFINITELY want a natural timbre and good coherency as well cuz there is no point to it otherwise…

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Exactly. It’s like Moo drop totally missed the point that the whole idea behind neutral tuning is accuracy. An amazing oversight for a company with their resources and supposed expertise.

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100%. If they went for a more fun tuning, then the timbre/coherency issue would not have been a big dealbreaker as there are some iems out there with unnatural timbre that I still consider to be very fun to listen to because they also have a “fun” tonality to it (like the OG Shuoer Tape, LZ A6 and the Intime Sora).

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I completely agree. I think it’s the midbass scoop that really highlights the BA timbre problems even more with these Moondrop models they leave the BAs hanging out there with no support from the DD foundation so it’s ends up being highlighted. In the B2 and B2D in particular the odd dips in the higher treble seem to play a part as well, but then I’m not expert.

I believe its an issue of them tuning it mostly via the crossover and lacks a lot of acoustic damping (nozzle/BA dampers). And likely not having the DD do much over sub-bass and thus you get more of the BA timbre since they work over a wider range.

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I don’t think it’s like that at all. I don’t have the Variations but I have seen and read many reviews. I think it’s simply an iem towards the analytical side. Its tone is not as bad as you make it out to be. It may not be top but it’s not bad at all.

I have the fiio Fh9. I bought it and I like it. I use it with balanced tips and stock mouthpiece. I gave it 50 hours of burn-in and it’s a headset that’s analytical but also pretty fun.
Incoherent ringing?
Unnatural sound?
Short on techniques?
No. It is superior to Timeless, Raptgo and many other hyped iems.

Not if there is so much “hate” why tell me that to enjoy good sound I have to spend €2000 minimum…don’t do it. Not with me.

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That would make total sense to me. I’m not an expert, as I said, but my thoughts were along those same lines.

I’m glad you like them. You asked for comparison so I gave you mine. The cool part about this hobby is just how differently we all hear these things. Now, I stand by my opinions, but they only apply directly to me and I’m perfectly willing to admit that others, like you feel differently. There are also others that agree with me. It doesn’t make either of us right. It simply adds two more data points to be considered. That’s all.


Also, I never said anything about needing $2k to enjoy good sound so I’m not sure where this is coming from. I enjoy IEMs from all over the pricing spectrum.

Not $2000, you need to spend at least $4000! :smile:

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