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This is the official thread for the Creative Aurvana Live!. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 80% Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Closed Back

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I’m unsure if a new thread should be made for this, but I have the E-MU Purpleheart, which is a wood backed mod of the CAL!

I gotta say it’s my favorite headphone I currently own. The treble is nice and crispy, and pushes detail right to the very edge stepping just short of fatigue/sibliance. There is a nice energetic feeling to the sound, and while the sub bass isn’t the deepest, the low to mid bass has a nice fun hump. I hear they sound a bit like a closed back version of the HD650 (I don’t own them so I can’t tell). I love these headphones and want to eventually find an upgrade that retains this tonality, but with more bass extension, and better soundstage and instrument separation. I’m thinking maybe the ZMF Atticus? I live in a busy apartment complex so I like closed backs since I don’t have to hear my neighbors.

How do the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 compare to these headphones?

Wouldn’t the th x00 or denon be an upgrade from them

Yes. The detail gets better and build also increases a bit.

I haven’t heard the denon or x00, but they aren’t entirely related to the CAL. They do both use foster biodynamic drivers though, of different sizes. I’m sure they sound better, but it probably isn’t a straight upgrade, they will be different. The CAL do punch up really hard though, they have a great sound signature. Some of the best headphones out there have about the same signature, just more refined.

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That’s essentially what it is. It’s a more refined signature (depending on the wood choice for md fostex) with a better driver. They just have more capability. Although I actually think the comfort of the cal’s is better then the fostex if you are sensitive to hotspots on your head.

Which version is your favorite? The denon? One of the wood backed x00s? Which sounds closest to the cal? I love the treble of the cal, nice and crispy without fatigue

Currently I found that I like a th900mk2 modded purpleheart. But both the denons and fostex variants are pretty great. I think the denon build is better, but I don’t think you would be disappointed with either. It more comes down to preferred sound signature at that point. The wood makes a difference in the sound sig

Th900mk2 dang now that’s an upgrade those are over a grand. I Love my cals they sound smooth do you think th x00 ebony or emu teak worth the upgrade also does the denon d2000 sound almost the same the ebony.

I think the ebony sounds better then the d2000, and the teak is equivalent to the ebony imo technicality wise. Both are great

I might go for the th x00 ebony then thx

It just will be more open then the Cal’s. And you might find the cals more comfortable. Something to take note of

Your right I have argons coming in and I need a more neutral headphone because I love my tin t2 and ksc75 which is weird hated them at first now use them all the time, always wanted to hear the hd600/650 everyone highly praise them. Plus read a comment on reddit a while ago this guy had the emu teaks and th x00 sold them because the price difference wasn’t justifiable between them and the cals.

Well, I don’t know about the comment on Reddit, as I do think it’s a step up for sure, but I’d say wait until you get argon’s. The ebony really isn’t that neutral tbh, so in that regard, there’s better out there

I was about to sell my AUNE X7S until I bought the CALs. I own HD650s and Koss Porta Pros. I didn’t like the sound at all, pairing with AUNE. But with CALs oh man… There is the class A I was looking for… Full bass and robust midrange. Also the a little bit harsh treble pf CALs is gone as the AUNE is rolled off at treble and is matching beautifully. Amazing headphone, didn’t expect that to be honest…

The main complaint people have with the x7s is the relatively high output impedance that doesn’t jive with some headphones, but with certain headphones it can sound great. Kinda surprised it works well with the cal’s lol, but thats great that they work well with the cals. If you give the cals power they can do great things at a great price

I know about the output impedance of X7S… And that’s why it surprised me… I have RME ADI2 DAC and it pairs perfectly with HD650s while with CALs sure its amazing but they sound fuller with the X7S. So now I am confused cause the theory and the numbers are ok to guide you through ‘‘correct’’ decisions but when ‘‘accidents’’ like these are happening, oh FFF yeah, I love this hobby

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Question to anybody: what do you think these headphones are especially good for? Certain types of music? Gaming? I feel that these get passed over a lot, but apparently they are good.