🔷 Creative Aurvana Live!

Better for music and honestly it’s pretty great for most genre’s

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Saw Zeos review of these and the Creative Aurvana Live! 2. He really didnt like the 2’s what do you guys think?

Here I would agree with him. The first one uses a biodynamic Driver and is only $50, quite the steal for sound alone. I don’t know that much about the 2, but I would just stick with the first one imo.

I just got these today. listening to them now and am i mistaken in thinking these are dark headphones?

Don’t know if they come in different colours?
Have you planned to send them back?

oh yeah, these are dark headphones. shame. it sounds like it could have been really nice

You don’t like the cal?

I dont like dark headphones

I wasn’t aware of that… now I’m worried the hd600 might not be for you… sounded brighter than the hd650 though and it’s more detailed than the cal

Creative seems to be a bit of an up and down company as some of their products are excellent and great value where others are very poor. I think that’s the case for almost any company with a large range of products but Creative seems to be especially up and down.

The cal was pretty up though imo, very nice for the price

I already had a HD600 and regret getting rid of it. i also just got a dark voice so i think it will sound good on that. hope it doesnt make it darker.

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Creative Labs has always been a great company. Ive never seen any lows from them. i wish they would get into the headphone game with higher offerings.

I’m pretty sure E-mu is the same parent company, so the E-mu Teaks would be their higher end option

I don’t know which way it is but they are under the same company

It’s definitely not dark, bassy but not dark


I agree maybe he just enjoys a slightly brighter sound sig because going from dt 770 and takstar pro 82 they have high treble so the cal may sounds dark

The CAL is supposed to be kind of V shaped.

Yeah but not to the extent of a Beyerdynamic or takstar Pro 80 where it has sibilance on some songs

Oh no the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm were horrid with treble sibilance to my ears, the 250 ohm definitely toned that down nicely. That’s much more of a V shape. The CAL is just leaning towards V shaped probably.