Custom cable gallery

I found the topic was yet to be made, and me being a cable freak, would love to see other people creations. Hopefully that’ll inspire other people to go ahead and try doing their own cables.

That said, here’s some of the stuff i’ve made so far (and I plan of doing more in the near future);

For my Sennheiser HD6XX. Cables are Van Damme Starquad OFC, sleeved in paracord, and then created the Y split with regular shrink tubing and placing a handmade skull i’ve purchased from someone, so it’s hidden. Conectors are Neutrik 6.25mm and cardas.

For Ath-m40x. Cables are Belden 1508, then sleeved in paracord, and added the Alliance logo. Conectors are minijack Rean, and the regular ath-m40x screw jack ( Idk the brand, sorry ).

These are for my KZ ZS10. I’ve just cut the wire they came with, paracord sleeved, and then put them back together. For the Y split i’ve used a bronze bead so it protects (and hides) the soldering behind.

And lastly, my XLR cable for my micro and a pair of RCA cables for my DAC to amplifier. Both are Van Damme cables with Neutrik / Rean connections, nothing too fancy.

What do you guys have? :slightly_smiling_face:


They look awesome, love the little touches like the skull.

Not my own work but the following is a stranger adapter/cable I had made by CustomCans. The balanced cable is made of 84 strand litz copper, wrapped in mid-grey & black paracord terminated into 4pin XLR and a 4.4mm jack. I had this made in anticipation of the FiiO AM3D THX module and wanted to make use of existing headphones/cables when I don’t need to be very portable.


Those cables look amazing guys, keep up the good work!

That first cable is sick. Where is that skull from? I’d totally copy your idea. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link! Glad you liked it.

Made by oidio sound UK cable

ordered there now a 1.25m balanced braided (black/grey/petrol) for my Elegia
without splitter with XLR source connector

plus an 15cm short and design-fitting adapter female XLR to 3.5TRRS balanced male


Where can I find a custom cable seller in NA.?

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These are Hart Audio Cables. These were made for myself but full disclosure, Hart Audio Cables is my business. Not sure if this is against the rules, I’d be happy to delete if that’s the case.


I love everything about what you’re doing. If I like the 177x, I may want a cable for that. Would you be able to make an xlr 4 mini to xlr 4 mini?


Wow I really appreciate that man. Just launched it last week so it’s nice to get some positive feedback. I think we can definitely do what you’re asking. Send me an email with some more details of what you’re thinking (Length, color etc.) and we’ll get you set up! [email protected]

Lead time on our stock cables is 2 business days, and for custom stuff just depends on whether we already have what you need on hand or not.


Couple recent things:

Finished this for myself the other night

Bright MMCX design for a customer


Just wondering if it’s a perspective thing, on the bottom cable is the 3.5mm bent? Otherwise that looks like it could be used for a pretty beefy iem cable, something I feel we need more of lol (or at least I want more of lol)

Yeah I noticed that too, looks like it’s distorted from the camera / perspective. Startled me too haha

Nice!!! I would love to make some but how? Are there tutorials somewhere? Would you make a small tutorial? I would love to make some

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I actually don’t know why there’s such a big stylistic difference between custom IEM cables (which seem to be all of the weaved, transparent type) and custom headphone cables (paracord braiding). Are there any technical differences I’m missing?

No, it’s just because the twisted cables are more like jewelery and are typically lighter and more flexible imo. No real sound difference. Some high end cables for headphones are twisted/weaved as well

Ohh man it would be a while before I could get a tutorial out : /

A reddit user named demevalos has a couple guides that are a good start:

Single Ended


I’d say follow along with those and you’ll figure out what you do and don’t like!

As @M0N said, mostly just stylistic / aesthetic preference. I go with the design pictured above cause it’s consistent with the method I use for other Y-Split designs. But guys like VikingWeave do some really ornate stuff that’s really cool.

A lot of times you’ll see designs with a bunch more conductors to each headphone connector on a braided Y-Split and a technical argument can be made for that from a noise / signal standpoint I’m sure, but I personally don’t have the ears to hear it.

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Got the rest of my cables from Hart! I didn’t order an mmcx cable because I thought the fabric might be too thick or abrasive, but the wires coming out of the split are really nice, flexible, soft. Looks like I’m not done yet haha


Thank you sir!! I will look into this!

Seeing lots more pics of the Hart cables lately. Are they as good as they look?