Custom headphone cable shops located in EU

Any recommendations for custom headphone cable shops located in European Union? Import taxes are killing me man.

There are so many places with google “custom headphone cables europe”.
More important is what kinda of cable are you looking.
What plug, what end, colors or materials of cable and quality of cable.

Just dont click those china links for custom cable.

I imported a cable from US and it was around Customs fees ~10e and overall Taxes 90e to total 100e. For a quality + long cable 12ft / 3.6m its not the range of “killing”.

It depends where you live, for me it’s 25% value added tax + ~10eur in fees.
I’m looking for custom 6.5mm to 4.4mm 2m long cable and custom 4.4mm cables without split (dual cables coming out of 4.4 connector) for 3 different headphones.

Sweden? :joy:

not funny :sob:

im in sweden as well, but with the new EU rules, you can actually use aliexpress without being forced to pay the fee to postscam. Because aliexpress charges vat directly when you order now.

Which is why you should take a look at XINHS on aliexpress, they are an OEM and you can ask them to make you a cable like that.