Dac amp under 75

I have a buddy looking for a dac amp with a line out in the back for 58x jubilees and cheap pc speakers

What about a fiio q1 mk2? That’s a bit over budget though

FX DAC X6 is the only thing that is for sure is under $75. Nothing special, but it’ll get the job done. Otherwise, I’d say he should kick up his budget a bit.

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That’s a good option, also aval on drop for like 50 bucks now too correct?

If memory serves, yeah. Otherwise, Amazon usually has it for ~$65 if memory serves.

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If he can get a Fiio K3 used or on sale it could work. FX-Audio DAC-X6 probably is good choice for a new unit under $75.

I think if you were to go with the k3 you might as well get the q1 mk2 as they sound identical and then you get to go portable (but it isn’t as convenient on a desk)

I think it would most likely be worth it to get a k5 pro if you wanted a k3

In general I agree. If he can land the K3 for $75 it’s worth considering, I think. At list prices the K5 Pro is definitely the better value. However, the K3 may not do line out and headphone amp at same time, if that matters.

Sabaj D3, around 50 euros. Is the one I had until my smsl su8 arrived…

I tried to get him to stretch the budget for an ifi zen dac

He will probably go for the fiio k3

Hi, how does the K3/Q1 mk2 compare to the DAC-X6?
Seems I can’t find find any of the Fiio’s even under $100 where I’m from while the FX-Audio could go as low as $60 where I could find.

Planning to run my current KSC75, KPH30i, Blon B8, and Pro 82 at the moment and perhaps proper open-backs like shp9500 and 58x in the future.

I’ve not heard the Q1, but I understand it’s a quality product. The K3 sounds more neutral and cleaner than the X6 when it’s powering headphones/IEMs it can comfortably drive. The X6 is little bit bloated in the midbass and rolled off in the highs comparatively. However, the X6 provides way more power, giving a wider range of headphone options. The X6 is more ergonomically suited to desktop applications. The X6 has more input options as well (USB, optical, and coax compared to just USB for the K3). The K3 has optical and coaxial digital outputs, though, which could be useful if you have powered speakers with a digital input. Another difference is the K3 offers a low/hi gain switch. The X6 does not have a gain adjustment. The K3 also offers a bass boost, if that’s something that appeals to you. The K3 offers a 2.5mm balanced headphone out too.

the dac x6 is not something I would reccomend for low impedance gear but should be fine for the 58x but If you had the chouise the k3/ or q1 mk2 are the way to go

it does just in the inside of the unit

Ah. Interesting. Fortunately I never needed it.

@WaveTheory @RiceGuru Thanks for the quick help! Pardon me for hijacking the thread for my comparo question. I suppose I’ll have to continue on with the search for my first dac/amp combo within the budget.

You’re welcome. @RiceGuru’s point about gain control is important. You can adjust gain on the X6 by opening the unit and rearranging jumpers. That’s a headache if you find that you prefer different gain settings for your different headphones/IEMs. The K3 has its gain switch on the front panel.

I would not put anything below a 80 ohms on that thing