🔷 Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 (MrSpeakers)

This is the official thread for the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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These have my attention but the price is up there for me…

I wonder how much they will come down in the used market, because you could get an afc for like 400 bucks used now or less

Just received these and my initial impression was wow. Very light and comfortable, definitely portable. The sound is a step up for a portable. Excellent sound stage and detail. Really pleased with them so far. First long road trip with them next week.


Have you heard the original aeon or ether? If so how would you find them to compare?

I have, but do not have a pair to directly compare with. From memory these are comparable to the ethers.
I do have a pair of ZMF Eikons which are ‘better’ than Aeon 2 - but not portable. ‘Better’ for me in that the Eikons are fuller, and bigger in sound stage as well as having additional detail. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the help :+1:. How well is the folding mechanism? I might replace my ether c flow 1.1s

It works really easily and reduces packable size dramatically. The combo of weight, size and sound quality I believe is as good as it gets for this price at the moment. As I said though, first road trip next week so will comment again afterwards. Interested to experience the isolation while flying.

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Any updates on these? I’m kind of really tempted, but don’t want to spend the cash if it ain’t bringing the cheese…

why get that when these are available for 700$:

Because they are rumored to have better sound quality than the ether, are more ergonomically shaped, and also are alot more portable now

ah thought it was the other way around

If you were comparing the ether cx to the original aeon’s, the ether cx is a better option imo, but these new aeons seem more promising

because I already have those, but don’t want to travel with them hahaha

I just noticed these the other day and very interested, especially in the closed backs…
Jude’s interview with Dan Clark doing an overview of the new headphones.

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Ok. Having owned the Aeon 2 Closed for 2-3 weeks now. Previously owned the Ether CX, Ether C Flow 1.1, and the Aeon 1 Closed. The Aeon 2 is the best sounding out of all of them, especially in terms of tonality. Dynamics are greatly improved compared to previous models. Dynamics are now at an acceptable level. Soundstage is ever so slightly wider the the previous Aeon 1 Closed. Would buy the Aeon 2 Closed over the Ether CX.


Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for lol. Now I’m going to pick up a pair


Oof! That really sounds enticing.

MON I recall you have already made your last purcahase of the year less than a week ago


That’s not how this works…
Ive made my last purchase of the year at least 3 or 4 times this past month.