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I’ve really felt great coming into this channel stuff.

I’m happy that people enjoy what is being shared. And I’m happy that it may help people come together about the music while also finding out together what gear sounds really fun :slight_smile:

Check out my rankings list:

My YouTube channel with demos, reviews, and out of box impressions:

More to come all the time :slight_smile:


HD 800 S being fiddled with on the Schiit Lokius. Demo and review!


Great you have a topic, man!

I follow your channel since you launched it. I like what you do with it. Keep up the good reviews!

I know it could sound unfair because these things can’t really be changed, but I like your voice and accent :slightly_smiling_face:. That’s important factors for me to like a channel.


I appreciate your kind words and support! Thank you! I’m glad my videos sound nice.


at headphones buying obsessed help group

“My name is Dan’s Audio Reviews, and I have a problem with buying headphones.”

More Hifiman are on the way too! 400SE and Sundara incoming!

Next video will be something else. Major demo and showdown. Stay tuned!


Have you planned for a Hifiman shootout? That would be great!!

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Indeed I am!

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WooHoo! Love it!


Tanchjim Oxygen just arrived. Out of box impressions are that these are a S rank.

Pretty impressed!

Ranks have a high tendency to deflate over time and with extended listening though, so keep that in mind.


Naw, the Oxygen have a permanent place in my collection. For single DD harman, they are endgame. Shit cable though. Nice photo!


I too upgraded from GL2000 to he6se v2…i kinda wish I just bought the he6se v2 in the first place. But I was worried I didn’t have a strong enough amp at the time. He6se v2 frequency response is just too good


I have the GL2000 for awhile and I’m still loving it. I have He6se v2 reaching me in a week, I can’t wait!


ima do a video review of it eventually but, he6sev2 is definitely better in detail and wins in most areas except soundstage and some certain areas in FR, GL2000 got them big tall drivers

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Impressions video is out. Trying to keep things to 5 minutes or less with these out of box takes. Aint nobody got time for anything else.



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Just got a MT-604 review unit from Apos, a loaner I have to give back, and I’m honestly getting strong out of the box impressions with sound quality.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have a very pleasant color coming through the tubes more than the TA-30 I have, at any angle I try to look between the two. Now, I do wonder if that glow is purely due to lights installed, and not actually tubes warming up (since, when I turned on the 604, the orange light was IMMEDIATELY brightly glowing; and tubes need time to warm up and glow brighter, in past experiences with my TA-30). Or maybe the filaments are just genuinely glowy? I gotta switch tubes to see what happens, but I think it’s just lights. Still very pretty!

I normally use a Xduoo TA-30 ($700 retail, often $600 on Drop), so my point of comparison is pretty strong already. Not to mention, my TA-30 has maybe $100 or more of tube replacements.

And yet, even before tube rolling the 604, I’m almost not inclined to bother switching them out to say that I enjoy what I get from it. And the thing is only what…$170?

I was only going to make an impressions video, but now I feel I have to record full fledged demos of the 604 with stock tubes, and my TA-30 with my favorite tubes. I gotta share sound samples in a video so people can hear for themselves what I’m hearing - that is, this cheap entry level priced tube amp may just be the best bang for the buck.

The only caveat may be, and I haven’t discovered yet if this is true, that the 604 may not respond to tube rolling as noticeably as the TA-30, because the 604 is not a full tube amp but a hybrid solid state and tube. Amps with solid state components are said to be less “tubey” than pure tube driven gear.

I don’t have small tubes that fit in this gear though, so rolling may be difficult for now :confused:

More thoughts to come in an official video review with demos!!


Tinhifi T2 Pro and CCZ Melody just arrived.

I also have two new CCZ IEM’s coming in the mail at some point, courtesy of the people at CCZ. It’s pretty cool to get free samples from them to review - and I’ll try to be utterly honest too for how much I enjoy them personally.

I’ll try to give my take on who might enjoy them though if I don’t. Never going to stretch or lie about how I feel personally though.

I hope they’re good :sweat_smile:


need to know what you think of 400SE vs the rest

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That’s the last one to come in the mail. I’ve listened to and recorded all the others!

I’m actually rethinking last rankings because of the comparison, and may even recommend something hints that are much cheaper than others…

More to come!

man youre teasing! im waiting for that video when will you have it finished and uploaded?

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