Dark Voice 336SE alternatives? TOR audio? Little Dot?

I’ve been wanting to get a decent tube amp, just to have something different to play with.
I was leaning towards the DV 336E as it seems like the obvious go-to… but I’ve been wondering if anyone has thoughts on the alternatives, such as the Little Dot mk2 or TOR Audio Roger. Or any other alternatives.

I’m less interested in hybrids, but willing to consider if someone wants to point one out. Definitely looking something that will changes the sound compared to a solid state.

If you want something to roll tubes at a good price, the darkvoice is hard to beat at the 160 new you can find it for from times. You can get more expensive tube amps like the tor, but if you want to start the dark voice has excellent bang for buck


Are there DV clones? Any idea why this is so cheap?

(Probably fake, DO NOT buy)

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That’s a really good question. I gambled the $50. I;ll let you know when it arrives in a month!

I also gambled =P haha shrug

Wow that is dirt cheap. So they assemble, test, and then send out. It has the money back guarantee if seller doesn’t respond to any issues.

Now I may interested at that price.

I’ve gambled more on less. :wink:

So I’m about to derail this topic myself… but looking through the sellers items… they sell a myriad of random junk. But here’s a few other things to “Gamble” on if you so please… I ended up ordering the OH10s and Tin T3s as well. I have NO clue if these are legitimate though. But seller has good enough of a rating for me to try on a couple of things… They also have a couple DAPs too…

That’s an insanely good price if it’s the real deal. I paid around $200 for mine and had to wait 2 months when I bought it off of Massdrop and have had zero regrets (until I saw this price). It makes my Sennheiser 600 and 6XX infinitely more enjoyable to listen to.

As for alternatives, there is the La Figaro 339 https://www.headfonia.com/lafigaro-339-my-fav-otl-amp/ . I ordered one from Massdrop, but it still hasn’t arrived yet. And there are a lot of options well over the $1k mark I’ve drooled over. The Tor Roger looks really cool as well. If I was technically savvy, I’d also consider the bottlehead kits too

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The La Figaro is sexy af… However it sounds whatever… I would almost want one for the look. haha.

The seller has 250 positive reviews over the last year, member since 2016. But those prices look to be below cost. $20 for a topping D10? The chipset must cost more!

EDIT: Giova, you beat me to it. Suspiciously good prices!!

No idea… Considering how random the stuff is… I almost wonder if they just get palettes of junk and put it up for sale? The listing for the Dark Voice is just copy pasted from the Shinzen Audio listing, it’s not original…

Could also be a complete sham… so we’ll see I guess…

Personally going to keep my expectations in check… It is very fishy.

Could also be things that “fell off a truck,” or overstock or who knows what else happens on the streets on Shenzen. :male_detective:

Like I said, I’ll wager $50!!

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It’s at least all consistantly chi-fi stuff… so at least that could make some sense. If they threw up som “made in Germany” headphones, then I’d be a lot more suspicious. haha

Yeah, I think it looks great too. The Darkvoice looks awesome, and the La Figaro is like 2 Darkvoices in one unit. I’m looking forward to Zeos’ review of that $5k Audiovalve. That thing looks wild

It all also ships from China with free shipping to the US

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Me too, because that’s the closest I’m ever getting to a $5,000 headphone amp!


I heard good things about the Tor Roger and Eddie current ZDT JR. There’s also the bottle head crack if you wanna do some DIY

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