Decisions are painful for the indecisive, so I need help

tl;dr: Down below, I have a list of 8 closed back headphones and I would love if anyone could help me decide which one would be the best to get as my first start into this hobby. I’m much more confident on my initial DAC/Amp stack choice and initial open back choice, and although my upgrade path is more hazy, that’ll be for a later time.

Alright, so 2020 was rough for mostly everyone, but it helped many get new hobbies. For me it was custom keyboards and a hobby I’ve wanted to get into for almost 10 years now, the audiophile hobby. Now is probably the best time for it since my HyperX Cloud II’s pads have basically disintegrated and I’m trying to remove every “gamer” branded object I own (except the mouse since gaming mice are actually worth it). I spent the past couple months researching and have finally narrowed down my choices enough to be able to bring it up here. Using my reference of having used the HyperX headset for the past 3 years, you can probably guess what sound signature I’m used to, but I’m unsure as to whether this warmer sound signature is actually what I’d find best for me. I have to say though, I really wish I had a place I could go to and be able to just listen to every pair of headphones so I can figure out what I want.

So for the next year or so, I’m going to have to stick with a closed back headphone, but will eventually move on to open back cans once my environment allows me to not have to worry about sound leakage or hearing a TV at full blast from a half deaf roommate. Once I’m more comfortable with buying HiFi, I’ll upgrade my stack, but for now I’m pretty sure the L30+E30 stack is what I’ll use for at least this next year (I have my sights on upgrading to a A90 eventually and getting a nice balanced DAC from Geshelli or something when I upgrade to the A90).

As for my headphone options, I’ve basically boiled it down to these few:

  • Mod House Audio T50RP MkIII Argons
  • Drop + Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X
  • Meze 99 Noir
  • Audeze EL-8C
  • beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm OR MMX 300
  • Dan Clark Audio Ether C Flow OR CX (if under $700)

After all my research, I’m less confident about the DT 770 Pros (I would probably get a pad swap) and still unsure about the MMX 300s, and I’m not sure if I would be willing to spend over $500 at this moment, so the Ethers are very iffy. I haven’t seen a single review on the new closed back Drop Aeons, but knowing how good people seem to react towards the Aeons and Aeon 2s, I’m pretty sure they’d be a good purchase. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait until 2022 until I can get my hands on some Argons, so even though those are my first choice and main desire, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait for those. Finally, I don’t have the Neumann NDH20s on the list because I’m not really looking for analytical headphones at this moment and I’d probably opt for HD 600s or K712s for that purpose. Speaking of open backs, I’m thinking of eventually getting the Sundaras, Zeus, 58X Jubilees, and eventually more, but that’s for a later time when I’m more confident with being able to splurge in this hobby. If I could get open backs right now, I wouldn’t even have to waste my time since I’d already own some 58X Jubilees since I’m pretty confident in those being my initial open back purchase once I have that option.

So yeah, sorry for long winded post for such a simple question, but for someone as indecisive as me, I basically just want some help to point me in the right direction and to get my feet wet before I take a big dive in. If I get sucked into this hobby as much as I think I will, then I may end up buying more of the items on this list afterwards (especially the Argons when Ryan is no longer dying from buy orders), but for now I just want one, so which one would be best to go with?

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HI! I will point you out to @M0N!
Things to help you out.
Are you going to use them for everyday use? movies? gaming? Music?

If we nail down the budget your cheapest options are the dt770 80 (150-170$) and Meze 99(200$).
I love beyers, but they are not for everyone. The dt770 80ohm is a good choice (the 250ohm is a little more neutral). But, I will tell the treble can be a problem.

I had the mmx 300 1st gen. I liked them. From what I remember I decided to sell them and keep the dt770 250ohm for the extra crispness. The problem with this one is the price (250-300$)

I had the Meze 99 noir. It is more warm and friendly. The problem was the fit. The ear pad hole is a little small.

I haven’t tried the Dan Clark closed-backs planars. But, if I recall correctly @M0N likes and recommends the closed version 2.

If you are in the US. You can buy from a retailer with a good return policy.
What I recommend as a beginner is to try headphones and make your own judgment. Try the equipment for a few days. Let’s say you buy an amp, DAC, headphones and it doesn’t sound good, keep it for at least one week.

I have some neumann on loan and I’ve heard people mention it bring analytical but ime it’s anything but analytical. Very warm and pleasant with fun bass.
Also I can’t say I’ve tried many closed backs in general and even less in that price range but around the 200 and under I really recommend IEMs! Tons of bang for buck at that price range. Right around that price my favs are the Fh3 but if you want a more neutral experience the starfields are decent. If you are comfortable with spending 200 I highly recommend thr jvc IEMs as they are currently 200 on drop which is a steal. I think those blow the beyers out of the water. Can’t say I’ve heard the other headphones in ur list. And are better than the other IEMs I mentioned but also more expensive

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The Aeon RT closed came out not long ago, are those super similar to the Drop version?
Just in case, I think the RT are also ~500$
If I was in your shoes (and assuming you listen to all the music genres) I’d buy the Aeon RT just based on reviews.

I just ordered a set of Beyerdynamic DT770 250ohm.

I’ve been rocking Fostex T50RP MKII for a while now. LOVE them, but they’re my custom version. Honestly, with the amount of amazing custom mods that’s around, it’s kinda hard not to recommend them. But my issue is with the bulk. Bigger pads and dampening is a must, so the T50RP start feeling big and heavy. That’s fine for a while, I’ve loved them for 5+ years now, but I wanted something lighter that I can more easily throw on. So I do recommend them, they’re just bulky.

I was thinking Meze, but I’m not much of a fan of mid-bass bleed and folks say pads can be hit or miss with sound. Pad rolling from the start doesn’t sound great.

For me, I ordered the DT770 to see what’s up. They’ve always been a legend in the hifi world, and compared to years ago, the price has dropped. Sound signature of sub-bass with some high extension sounds right up my alley. But, we’ll see what my ears think when they arrive–shipping is slow~

My personal preference too is in price. About $200 is right where I feel like that’s enough to spend. There’s a ton of great headphones around in that price. I just like to jam out, not analyze my music so more refined anything isn’t my game.

Hyperx Cloud Orbit S (wired audeze mobius), it’s technically made by audiophile company audeze and sold by hyperx so best of both worlds for you lol

No experience with the cans you listed, but most are returnable. Choose based on weight and comfort.

You may want to rethink the topping stack…see the thread re L30 damaging headphones. I do have the e30 dac, however and like it and have had no problems. Perhaps Schiit or JDS labs might be a better current choice.

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I’m going to be using them for everyday use, so all of the above. I mainly listen to EDM, but I absolutely love orchestral, rap, and can enjoy any genre of music other than country.

Luckily for me, my ears are tiny compared to my head, so I don’t have to worry too much about earcups fitting.

Yep, I know about burn in already and I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ll also make full use of return windows from places like Amazon and Drop/Massdrop.

I may give the Neumanns a try later on then, but for my initial audiophile headphone, I’m thinking about making sure what I buy is something I’ll want to keep for a long time and potentially use as a daily driver until I get open backs or find something that I like the most.

I really wish I could enjoy IEMs, but every single IEM I’ve ever purchased has only lasted around 1-4 months no matter how careful I am with them. I don’t know if it’s because of my small ears or something else, but without fail, no matter how expensive the IEM, the drivers will give out on my right ear within a couple months and then in my left ear after another couple months after that. I just cannot bring myself to spend more than $100 on IEMs ever again since I’ve never had good luck with them.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Drop + Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X is just the Drop modded version of the Aeon RT Closed. From what I’ve heard, Drop does some of the best modding for headphones and brings out a really good sound with everything they do, so that’s why I listed the Drop version rather than the normal Aeon RT. The Drop version is also slightly cheaper, so I’m thinking about just full sending it and testing them out, especially since they’re very new and I could easily sell them later if I dislike the sound since I’m sure there will be people who missed the initial drop and would like to get their hands on it without having to wait till the next drop (or people who can’t use Drop due to Drop not shipping to their countries).

All models sold recently and that start with “2012” in their serial number are fixed versions that won’t have such problems. The person I’m planning on buying the stack from has these newer, fixed versions, so I won’t have to worry about any headphones exploding, lol. I was initially planning to get a SH-9 and SU-8 stack, but decided to get the L30 + E30 stack since I found a really good deal on it. Either way, this stack will just be a starter stack since I’ll eventually get an A90 once the price drops down to below $400.

these have holes if you are considering these might as well add the DT880’s and if you add the DT880’s you may as well add the 600ohms, can you AMP run you new DT880 600ohms? well I am sure you can get a new one cheap…
No point in buying something around the $500 mark after this purchase at this point might as well go for the $2k+ range now just to save a few bucks in the future


say goodbye sweet money another victim of the audiophile “hobby” this young lad had just recently purchased a set of headphones now he is about to get something 3x the cost…

soon he will be renting a box behind a trashcan behind a dumpster


There are a lot more companies making quality gear out there.

this, so this
for the money especially in audio in the free market you can always get equivalent at the same price.
I personally would never support a company with such a dogshit response, I also don’t believe on shitting on someone for taking a person risk no matter how unneeded I think it is but I will join in as a voice in the crowd raising concern over the issue and very kindly telling you I don’t think you should support them, not for the product, or for a mistake, but for such a bad response which screws over real people who supported them, I don’t think anyone for their own protection and for others not aware of the company they are doing business with should support them, but that’s just like my opinion and stuff man, more than likely you will be fine

also mazeframe plz post sum mashup my thread bb :pleading_face:

hmm… the perfect requisite for some sweet ass Sivga Phoenix
awesome for EDM & Hip Hop
somewhat semi open, doesn’t leak that much compared to others

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You are a brave person.
and have the skill not to worry about something that might blow up.

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Aye a no brainer buy something else until the QC dust settles :dash:…not like there’s no other options?


I am with the other members. How much are they selling the bundle for?

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