Decisions, decisions

i usually play a lot of fps shooters competatively and i wanted to get a new headset. I was thinking of getting the dt880s but im not sure if i should get the 250 or 600 ohm version . and also i was going to either get a liquid spark amp or the magni 3 but im not sure which one would be better. let me know you guys opinions

I would say 600 for sure if you can squeeze in an amp imo, it’s just an overall upgrade over the 250 ohm

So I would say the liquid spark is the better pairing imo, helps fill in the 880 for bass and midrange a bit, takes off some edge. The 3+ would be more neutral, but would be a bit more aggressive but not enough to get harsh imo


This question gets asked a lot on here I noticed… May be best to just create a full informational forum post or something on what the best suggestions in price brackets would be and for what type of sound. @kaleidoscopic I will say that I agree with m0n on this. if you can go 600 ohm with a liquid spark

So personally I’m not too keen on “go to” or buy lists, as it really is an impersonal way of getting help, one size fits all doesn’t tend to work for audio imo, working with the person will most typically lead to more desirable results

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Eh, was just a suggestion.

I mean it makes sense, it’s been brought up before that this is a common topic lol

You noticed only “this question” that get’s asked a lot? lol
There are literally ten’s of similar topics with similar questions, usually asked with a twist or different headline. Inside need is same.

Give it a week. Same type of question comes again at least 4 times. lol

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hmm? no not just this question that would be crazy. I wander the gaming audio sections quite often haven’t you noticed? lol. I just figured I would chime in cause it may be a good idea for a detailed section of the current most common recommended headphones especially in the competitive market… casual is much more forgiving than competitive headphones as there is pretty strict recommendations in the competitive scene.

Of course i looked through the forum before asking. i read what everyone else had about 880 but i just felt like it would be better to ask personally. since i dont think my specific question was answered.

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ah my bad please don’t take it the wrong way. Your quite alright in making your own post. To help out here It really would depend on the shooter and whether or not you wanted the headphone for music and casual gaming as well… the 880s are very solid in this category as not only are they a good all rounder they have a V signature meaning lows and high frequencies are increased. What this means is that all the sounds that you hear during your fps match are inside of these frequencies. From your gunshots, footsteps, breathing, glass shattering, etc since these frequencies are increased they will be much more prominent. You generally want a headphone that has this signature alongside a large soundstage and very accurate or analytical imaging and seperation. All of which the 880 can do just fine. That isn’t to say the 990 isn’t better in competitive because it is it’s just that the 990 isn’t as good as an all rounder headphone. Going with the 880 600 ohm would be incredibly solid for just a general use gamer headphone. Go with a liquid spark amp or Magni 3+ based on preference. Liquid spark imo compliments this headphone a bit more but magni 3+ is more of a neutral sounding amp so it compliments it as well. Alongside that I am partial to the Topping d10 for a fairly clean sound and well rounded good dac in it’s price range. Step up from that would be the E30 which is a little cleaner. Depending on budget and if you really want to stretch things far you could look into the Asgard 3 as your amp as well for an incredible all rounder amp but keep the d10 or e30 as they will be fine. Amps will change how your headphones sound in quite a bit of ways.

Hey guys i was just wondering if i get the dt 1990s would the liquid spark still be a good option ?

I would say so, it would help control the treble as well, would be a nice match

Speaking directly from experience? It pairs very well with the headphone and imo is a very solid option.

Hey, hope everyone is doing well.
!!! Nooob Alert !!!

Before i start i really enjoyed this forum and this is my first post.

I’ve been reading this forum the past few days trying to figure out what would be a good beginner purchase. All this started when i was searching for “gaming headsets”, which know i understand are pointless and i would be better of spending my money on something of higher quality and a proper setup. I’m a console player (PS4), but looking into building a PC in the next few months. I play mostly FPS and RPG games but FPS is what got me searching for a headsets since I’ve never really purchased one that i enjoyed.

Anyway from what i just read i believe since I’m not a competitive player the DT880s are more versatile. However my issue is what ohms to get? And what amp/dac will be best to use for PS4 but also PC?

So, for ps4 would you also have to have a mic is the harder part?

Yes, I was looking into the modmic 5, its only going to be used when i play FPS games.

Gotcha, that complicates things then, I would actually point you towards something like a beyerdynamic tygr 300 r and a creative g6 as the 300 r carries over many of the desirable traits of the other dt series, but sounds good out of mostly anything and has a less aggressive signature. The g6 is solid enough and works with ps4 and pc just fine and would allow you to use a mic and amped headphones on a ps4

Since i didn’t really research those decided to take a quick look and after jumping on amazon to see the price was a little surprised they go for $300. G6 is $150

The budget i had in mind was somewhere around $300 - $350.
Is there any other headphones to pair with the G6?
Before all this searching i was gonna go for SHP9500 with a vmoda mic, but decided to spend a little extra and get something worth while.

On the Beyer website they should be 180, the one on Amazon includes a USB mic

It does seem that they are backordered though

You would also be fine with a 250 ohm 880, which should be fine on the creative then

Going to chime in here and confirm the backorders… Switched from adorama and amazon alike for the tygr and now officially switched to directly from beyer they sent me an email about 5 days ago stating it will be on back order at a minimum of two weeks. In that price range though don’t forget that you can also go with the Sennheiser 58x jubilee from massdrop which is another really good all rounder like the dt 880s but more balanced sound instead of being bright. The only other I really enjoyed for both rpg and competitive alike was Philips Fidelio X2 HR, warm headphone with a really nice bass, which has compatibility with the v moda boom pro mic(which is cheaper than mod mics) and a step up from the shp9500 @Bandicoot