Denon 2000, Fostex Th600 or argons mk3 as upgrade from Meze 99 classics?

Hi there,

i am looking for a 99 classics upgrade. I am searching on the used market. My main option is the Denon AH-D 7200, but thia headphone is used still expensive.

Right now there are the Th600 (for 300), the Denon 2000 (for 150) and the argons (for 300) available. Is it worth to get one of these or should i save for the 7200? Which of the 3 would be the beat option.

I like the 99 classics sound and their sound signature in general, but i would like to have,

  • more speed/impact
  • more detail (especially in lower mids)
  • better treble resolution
  • bigger sound stage would be nice
  • sub bass and bass quantity should be about the same level

So which of these should i go for?

I use the ifi zen dac in combination with a geshelli archel 2.5 pro

If you can get your hands on the Denon D200 and buy the Emu Cups Rosewood from Emu and the Lawton Mod Stage 1 , it will be better than the D7200 and replace the Meze too.
But both I would Th600 and D2000 are certainly above the Meze.

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My vote would also be for the d2000s, I love mine especially for that sort of price. They’re the same drivers as the higher end Forster driver stuff (apart from ones like the th900) and stock vs my emus with ebony cups I prefer the d2000.

You can also modify them to take Lawton cups which will make them even better.

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The argon’s would be the most comfortable but require power. I do have a blon B20 for sale that would fit your description but quantity of bass would be less than you are used too. Bass is there but not closed bad dynamic bass.
What are you powering your new buy with?

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I will use the gesehelli archel pro in the next months. I am planning to buy something like a jotunheim in the future.

Thank you for the advice with yout blon, but i am living in europe. So i think taxes and shipping would be too expensive

I’d actually take the t60rp or T50rp if you are thinking Argon. Unless the argon is readily available. Everything you mentioned is smooth and has big and better sounding bass then the meze. So you really can’t go wrong. If you are thinking of a Jot in the future you’ll want to step up in headphones as well since I think youll get an overly warm/smooth sound form a jot with what you are looking at.

Cool, i think i’ll give the 2000 a try then. Where can i buy the emu cups (i live in germany)? Also where can i find the mod and how challenging is it to do the mod?

Yeah, i now that the jot is warm, but i do own brighter headphones like the sundara and the dt 1990 pro.

Damn, this hobby is so expensive😅

Mmm, perhaps add the original Sony Z7 to your shortlist as it should just do everything you said.
It’s discounted now though because of the M2, so may be difficult to find new.

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Write a Emal to [email protected] and ask for the Pricelist from the cups.
Somewhere in this Forum i have show the Mod from the Denon D2000.
Take a look in the Fostex Threath.:wink:


I posted my mod of doing the cups for it here


OK, guys. Thank you for your help and support. I’ll try to get the headphones and the pricelist first.

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so i was looking on the used market and bought a pair of the 2000’s last saturday. They should arrive tomorrow.

But the big surprise was on sunday… I saw an offer of already modded 2000’s and now guess what is on my head.:grinning:

So the modded version has:
Lawton stage 1 mod (damping)
Sundara Headbeand and suspension
Brainwavz XL Gel & Foam Pads
Mahagony Earcups

Best pros so far: Massive Soundstage, very good mids, punchy bass, speed/dynamics

Cons: Ears can get hot, not really a closed back, leakage is almost on pair with an open headphone

I am excited to compare the original vs the modded version. Here are some pics of the modded version. It is like looking at Frankenstein: