Desk speaker recommendations?

Hey guys, so I have a bit of a project of my own going. I am finally rebuilding my desk setup / personal studio setup. Starting by building my desk from scratch but I need some speakers to go along with it…

Personally? I just want something of high quality that doesn’t burn the wallet… around $300 maximum I guess would be alright however, caveat would be that I really don’t want to have to invest in any kinda amp/pre hardware for the speakers if possible(I suppose if it plugs into the pre outs of an asgard or something thats fine since I own those kinds of units). The desk itself is 8 foot long so maybe a 3.1 speaker setup? I am up for some good recommendations here… if I need to flex my budget a little as long as its heavily worth while it can be considered I just rather wouldn’t… I tend to use my headphones more than a set of speakers to begin with… though for kicking back in the studio like say I am tinkering with something… I tend to prefer speakers. I think about the Klipsch pro media 2.1… but honestly thought since the desk is rather larger that a 3.1 would probably be more worthwhile and with the budget there may be a better option

on a side note, if you guys have other recommendations for sound dampening/acoustics to help with room control that would be cool as well. I thought about getting some from Gik

take a look at Edifier… they have a sale going right now.

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any one in particular you’d recommend from them? Never listened to their speakers

Any ideas how you would make this work, since asgard has 2 outputs for left and right.
How would the center (third) speaker work?
Making it 2 lefts and 1 right or 2 rights and 1 left is not ideal for stereo listening. :slight_smile:

nope lmfao.

I will willingly admit that I have next to zero insight on speakers and their respective setups it is by no means something that I have dabbled in.

thought about that after I edited it to mention the outputs. lol

I should add, if its not possible without an additional piece of equipment(amp) I guess I can manage to get one… provided the stuff stays within budget. If 2.1 would be better off I am all ears… not particularly too picky about this… just trying to find a really good set of speakers for the desk. I know the klipsch sound good as I know someone with them… never tried edifier but open to other suggestions here.

I’ll suggest Edifier S1000 Mk2. It’s powered speaker so no need amp. To me it’s sound very good for under rm1000 (my country currency. It’s around 240 dollars). Got optical and Bluetooth.

I don’t, sorry…but as per usual, as the price goes up so usually does the quality.

you could also take a look at the options from Kanto. The YU fit your $300 budget…the YU4 might be pushing it a bit, but I think you would do really well to find a decent used amp and get yourself the YU Passive 4 or 5.25". an old stereo / av receiver would work, but those are big, so I’m thinking more about some of the smaller amps from Topping / SMSL that are the size of a larger headphone amp.

I love my YU6, but the Bluetooth on them is the pits :frowning:

Can’t go wrong with T5Vs



If you wanted and if it’s possible with asgard or source device?
You could mono the signal and every (3) speaker would sound the same. :wink:
Just for lots of noise and leave it to that. Sounds kinda weird if used to stereo music but loud noises is pretty guaranteed. lol

What the man typed. :slight_smile: Very good option in budget.

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Edifier and Micca are your two best bets for cheap desk speakers that punch above their weight.

I use Micca PB42X powered desktop speakers in my office when not listening with headphones. Simply plug them into my laptop and let them rip.

I know many purists scoff at powered speakers, saying it’s better to use passive speakers with an amp for future-proof amp upgrades. I disagree, as the amp within powered speakers is made to work well with that speaker. Plus I would rather spend my extra dosh on headphones and gear, not speakers and gear.

The Miccas work really well for me.

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First off thanks so far for the responses, highly appreciated.

I definitely do not doubt edifier as I hear great things about their speakers. Just not sure where to turn when it comes to them as theres alot to choose from.

I mean, I can flex the budget a bit if its really worth while and grab an amp if necessary. If that helps people make some recommendations by all means.

assuming these are adam audios t5v speakers

This ^ is my thought process… I definitely rely much heavier on my headphones and other gear more so I really didn’t think I would need to consider the amp.

then again with some of these so far noticing no subwoofer with them(or low quality) which is a bit disappointing so I want to make sure im getting a good set

Think a version of the edifier r1700 has a sub out and otherwise if i go from my r2000 those are no bass monsters bit can rumble a bit if you crank the bass up
Definitely no new standard for resolution but for background listening a nice little set up :wink:

If you want to go with passive speakers, KEF Q150 can be found for less than 300€ and a good desktop amp like the Sabaj A10a or the all new Smsl A100 are about 100€

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The Micca PB42x won’t boom. There is no sub. The sound is a lot like a neutral, resolving headphone – good detail and balance. But they’re not bass cannons. Far from it.

Correct, ribbon tweeters so your ears don’t fatigue over long listening periods. They have enough bass, so there’s no need for a sub, which keeps clutter to a minimum. And you can spend that amp money on some nice stands, like soundrise or something. I have been using these daily for the past two years and they are great. + They look pretty cool too.

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indeed, the Q150 are supposed to be very good. heck, if you are open to the used market, you might make a killing on the savings and get something much superior than if bought new.

I’d also say take a look over Cheap Audio Man on YouTube…he covers a lot of speakers in the $500 and lower space and that might help open your eyes to a lot of other options you’d not have considered.

Actually prefer used market most of the time as it’s easier to get better equipment

I’ll take a look when I can

Though for used market yea if there’s other options due to buying used I’m all ears

I quite like/enjoy some of the Edifier speakers, I made my own personal listening station/studio just couple years ago. Maybe kind of like your thinking, I made desk from laminated hardwoods and curb side trash I recycled lol, good for planet and better for my wallet!

No knock it, I’ll show pic it’s not that bad lol. and desk for sizing is about 3m or so wide (49inch ultra-wide monitor)

That desk (also made one for wife, so 2 desks/workstations) cost me $100 in total but looks not too cheap/bad…I like anyways…and those are Edifier S2000 Pro speakers.

edit: sorry just read you suggested subwoofer (3.1) lol no look at what’s hiding under my desk…Something down there makes a worrying thudding noise hehehehe

Might give you affordable ideas/inspiration…


@Silver_Wolf Very nice setup. PS I love the hats…have several myself.

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