Desktop Bookshelf Speaker Recommendations

Looking to get some bookshelf speakers for my laptop/desktop. Looking to spend under $150 if possible. Will be purchasing an amp, those I need help with too.

For the speakers, looking at:

and possibly fluance, particularly the SX6 or Signature Series

They need to sound good at close range, and don’t need to be loud enough to fill a room as I will be sitting 3 feet away from them the majority of the time.

For those speakers I listed, most seem to be best suited with a 80W amp. So was looking at

Toppnig MX3 or the SMSL 300.

All recommendations and help appreciated, thanks!

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What’s your budget onthe amp and dac?

I was looking at $150 for the speakers, another 100-150 for the amp (ones with a DAC would be awesome), and then a separate DAC later on, along with a headphone amplifier and headphones. Right now though just looking into speakers and an amplifier.

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My recc would be the rb42 and a topping pa3, but it doesn’t come with a dac. But it’s a very good combo for desktop.

are you against powered monitors? takes away alot of hassle…
i have Mackie MR624’s in the bedroom
Kali LP-6’s in the living room
JBL lsr 305’s at the desk

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No, nothing against powered speakers. I don’t know about monitors though, as those would be a little high end for what I use them for. It seems monitors are for those that mix music and want to hear the music naturally, without any changes so they can hear flaws, mistakes and such. Plus, those are a little out of my price range as they are $150+ per speaker. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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take a look here, i mention monitors because they are a great all in one solution minus dac/interface, saves you buying interconnects to an amp and speaker cables. Most have treble and bass controls to suit your room/desk…all budgets

Damn it clouds, now more options lol. So, if I don’t need an amp then I can spend roughly the same for powered monitors, under $300 if possible. At that price it seems the Lp-6 got good reviews.

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yes that’s what i was getting at, you save by having the amp built in, power cables come with the speakers, all you would need would be some interconnects…yes love my Kali’s, they are front ported so they work well against a wall nice wide sound stage

I guess I should chime in on here and look through the suggestions… As I was helping my buddy with his setup it struck me that I don’t have any pc speakers of my own yet. Don’t really want a speaker amp so I guess powered speakers is the way to go.

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I’m not into the whole mixing or need perfect signal, I was looking into difference between balanced and unbalanced cables. I would need it seems a separate device to get balanced outputs from my pc. Even most dacs, at least on the low end use rca. But I don’t believe I need to worry about balanced, as rca will do me perfectly.

Now looking at LP 6, JBL 305P’s or the Eris E5

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I haven’t bought regular speakers for years because of the ease, it really comes down to your room, placement, aesthetic etc…most if not all have EQ to help, stands really do help as well

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I would need em for my desk setup.

not at home so that should work to show you my desk design… monitors in the center of the L there and curved so a speaker on both sides of the bend would be nice… more so if I had some kinda subwoofer as well

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ya don’t think of it as needing for mixing, in your use case just think of bang for your buck, lest cables to deal with, and built in EQ for placement and suit to taste. yes don’t worry about balanced yet, most have XLR, TRS/TS and RCA, you can always get adaptors as well. What are you thinking for Dac?

i tend to prefer class A/B amps in monitors even though i have two class D, but Zeos was spot on about the Mackies, plus they have a sub with footswitch to quickly turn on and off, ill link…you just need to decide how big

I didn’t want to spend massive amounts, based on zeos and other reviews, leaning towards the jds atom for the DAC.

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Agreed, I would rather not go spending 400+ on some desktop speakers. If it was my living room home theater setup that would be different. Just need a good pair of like Sub $200 powered speakers for the desktop really. Thinking still about the klipsch

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Does the 305 have “hiss” also?

I think that’s a nice safe hundred dollar in, just know you will be controlling volume from your computer, speakers are usually set max or 75% unless you get something like a big knob passive, also by Mackie which I have as well

The Klipsch would def have a different aesthetic and I think front volume control