Desktop/bookshelf Speakers that work well with 40 wpc tube amp

I’ve been looking into a lower power tube amp that has a max output of 40 watts per channel and am looking for a really good set of desktop speakers that are efficient enough to take advantage of them.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

What is your budget? I am really thinking some ls3/5a monitors here personally

Conceivably under 5000 dollars for the pair MAX
I would preferably like to keep it 2000 or lower (freelance job gave me some headroom)

I’ve been looking at Decware’s stuff as well

What tube amp is it? And also would something with excellent midrange and treble with a smooth sound be appealing to you regarding speakers?

Either a Decware Mystery Amp
or a few others I have in a list are the Heaven 11 Billie, Stealth Max Monoblocks from Maple Tree (surprisingly affordable), and a couple others ( the list is on a difference computer)
As for sound. I like smooth or detailed (though the Studio Monitors I am getting will cover detail just fine I think)

Any other sound traits you are looking for or prioritizing?

The mystery amp is pretty dang nice, that would work really well with some falcon ls3/5a :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Yeah, I’m thinking about getting some of the mods they offer for it too.

I was also looking at these: Though its unclear if its active or passive

Edit: Err, meant to post the twentyfive-21 but its basically the same design

They are passive. I really really like my pmc speakers but I don’t think they do the best on a tube amp, I would say go solid state for pmc speakers

okay. I have easy access to Castle Knights and Harbeths as well

Harbeths ftw lol especially on a tube

I loveeeeeeeeee my Harbeths. Can’t stop listening to them. I think the only smaller sized ones are the P3’s though.

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These are the Harbeths I have access to.

The real question is what do you have for space lol. For a desk you would be stuck with the P3ESR but if you had stands and space behind your desk you could go larger

I personally have the C7 40ths and they seriously make me melt in my chair, especially since you’re going for smooth. If you enjoy vocals, these will handle vocals all day long.
They aren’t exactly desktop sized, so perhaps P3s 40ths are the best. Will have you access to audition them at a shop or better yet, at home?

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I personally have the monitor 40.2 anniversary editions and they are just awesome on a tube

Oh and I forgot to add that… yes, I am powering them on tubes (37 wpc). Line Magnetic 216ia. Definitely sounds best on tubes.

Unfortunately I have a 7 foot wide desk. up against the wall

Ah well then the p3 40th would be for you lol

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