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This is for my daily-driver pc. This is where I spend most of my casual PC time - forums, You-tube, music discovery search etc. and a lot of music listening. Yes, I have a couple pairs of headphones and though I am happy with them, and learning to appreciate them more, the more I use them, I tend to prefer speakers or, at least speakers as my primary option with headphones for when I am in the mood. I should also mention that this PC Desktop setup is not my main listening setup. I just spend more time here. I have a full-size setup in my rec-room with Klipsch towers, 12” subs etc. etc., which is what complicates things for me, as I tend to want to emulate that sound at my PC desktop.

PC desktop setup as exist today:
PC > Atom DAC > Atom AMP > Edifier R1700BT (w/o sub-out)

Generally happy with this arrangement but, I’m missing on low end. I am considering a few options. The easy option, Replace the R1700BT with the R1700BTS (w/sub-out built-in crossover) and pair that up with an Elac 10” powered sub. Job done, right? (@ $315 for this solution)

No, I am also looking at the RB42 or Neumi BS5, and pairing either set with the Elac 10” sub. To do that I would also need a speaker amp preferably with sub out option, built-in cross over or not, probably the SMSL SA300. But, from what I understand with the RB42s being less efficient speakers – the SA300 might not be enough to power them optimally. The Neumi’s are more efficient but they also have a larger foot print on the desk. I Also have a pair of vintage BIC Venturi “v52” that are not much bigger than the Edifiers that I could use. (solution ranges from @ $280 – $475 depending on selections)

Another item I am also probably overthinking is (and I realize that probably this depends a lot on what speaker amp is selected), how would I add the SA300 into my current chain? Or would I use a different chain one for speakers listening and one for HP listening?

Budget: At this time, I am willing to spend @ $500 to sort the desktop speaker situation out.
I would also like to limit the use of my desktop space and keep clutter to a minimum.

Pic of my current desktop, and pic of my computer lab where my desktop is located – for an idea of dimension. Maybe I am asking too much of the Edifiers to give me a full sound – Even though I sit at the desk when using them.

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Emotiva Bass X100 amp will power many a good desktop speaker and also Has pass through RCA outputs that work perfectly for most inexpensive subwoofers that don’t have high level inputs.
I would look for a used monolith 10 or 12” thx subwoofer or two. I would add to that the monolith K-Bas desktop speakers and call it a day. That’s probably triple your current budget and NOT what you asked for but that’s the cheapest high bass output quality System i could come up with off the top of my head that i’m 100% familiar with and can speak to the SQ for most modern genre’s. Good luck, look for used.

The neumis are pretty deep. But theyre front ported so you can pushed them right up against the wall and i think theyll be flush with your monitor.

I have been looking at the Emotiva BasX 100. That amp has a little larger footprint than I prefer but, is still on my short list if I go with passive speakers like the RB42 or Neumi BS5’s. I have also been looking at just picking up the Airmotive SE 8 sub as I could (technically) just run the RCA from my Atom amp into the SE 8. The SE 8 has a high-level crossover with RCA out, that I can send to my existing Edifiers.

I appreciate your suggestions and guidance towards what a “quality” solution could be. My wallet on the other hand…

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The front ports and a review from Erin’s Audio Corner is what got me thinking about these for the desktop. They are only about an inch deeper than the edifiers but almost 2" wider. Your right, If put them on some risers they would be almost flush with my panel.

I use an Emotiva A-100 for my desk speakers. It’s a great little amp, just be aware that the RCA passthroughs are just that, they are not controlled by the volume knob. To get over that I picked up a speaker level to RCA converter, but that’s another $40 for a decent quality one.

Could get a riser too for the monitor.opens more real estate for the speakers and rest of the gear.

Yep, I have though of that or at least a vesa mount and get rid of that stupid ROG tripod. You’d also think I would invest in some better desks, at least another one at least 30 inches deep for my main workstation. But desks are not fun…

Forgot about those even better solution than a riser, thanks for reminding me before prime day to pick up one .:+1:
Looking at your desktop again, neumis will fit without changing up anything.

I ended up going with the Edifier R1700BTS and the Elac 1010 via the sub out on the R1700BTS. I got everything setup (still tweaking on the x-over and volume matching) but it seems to be working out pretty good, at least for now…

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Hows that sub ?

The Subwoofer is pretty good for a desktop listening use case, listening to online media sources and for music. I am not so sure about home theater usage for a couple reasons – first the frequency response listed specs: 37-200 Hz – so for movie effects etc., you are not going to get the extreme sub-base around the mid to lower 20 Hz range and that deep sonic rumbling you might be looking for. Also, depending on your room size it may not be enough, but I think 2 would be OK and at $120.00 USD ea., budget friendly.

With that said, it still does the job, and rather well especially for the price point. I mean it brings out deeper tones and bumps really well, I have to keep the volume pretty low so as to not over power the loudspeakers on my desk – But it is next to my desk and in a corner, so positioning is not “audiophile” correct, it’s positioned for convivence and that could certainly be contributing to having to spend some time with settings to get it matched. It looks pretty good and feels like its built well.

It was a simple addition for my particular use case. I was able to add it to my existing desktop chain without taking up anymore desktop space with additional amp, cabling, etc., It connects directly to the Edifier R1700BTS, allowing me to still use the atom amp volume control as master control (once the other levels were set on speakers and sub).


For myself it is doing what I expected, a simple add-on to add some of that missing “thump & punch” from kick drums and “slapped” bass guitars along with enhancing ambient lower resonating tones, richening up and filling in some space that was missing to my ears.
1010-a 1010-b

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And theyre Elac. seen them go on sale for 99 bucks, im gonna get two for a 2.1 bdrm setup. I will finally have real hifi gear :yum:.

Ive been playing around with the idea of running a 10in sub for each of the floor ch for home theatre. So 7.6.4, for a goof wonder if its possible to room correct through the AVR and minidsp a 7.10.4 atmos surround sound system.

Just ordered the Neumi’s tonight - should be here Monday. Also snagged a SMSL SA300 - it was that or the DA-8S - but I do not like the silver and no sub out - I think I may still want a sub with the BS5’s. I will only be using the SA300 for speaker amp. The BasX 100 just too big (physically) for what I want at the moment.

So what I’ll be doing is Atom dac RCA out split to the SA300 and the Atom amp. Then the SA300 will power and control speakers and the Atom amp for headphones.

Why the change up -
The Edifiers I got with the sub out - I must have got a bad set they sound distorted. So using this opportunity to get the BS5s and try them out.

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Awesome, keep the updates coming, thinking of replacing my smsl A18 with the sa300.

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I pretty much updated Here and Here , my bad…

I’ll give a better update once the dust has settled and I get more time with them.

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There might be a official neumi thread too. Pretty laid back round here dont think it matters much.