Dethonray Honey H1

Dethonray, the manufacturer of the popular dap DTR1 has announced their latest dac-amp Honey H1.

Honey H1 is equipped with AK4497. It’s portable, battery powered and can also be used as a dedicated dac. Featuring one single ended 3.5mm and one balanced 4.4mm headphone jacks, it has an astonishing 6vrms output on balanced.For a further read

Was always interested in hearing a DTR1, would also wonder how this holds up as well, seems pretty neat

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as long as there’s no rays. if there are it’s an issue, as there’s deth on ray. they have bad grammar cause they forgot an a in their name to help make it easier to understand the warning.

Exactly, I just wish they were MQA capable.

This does seem pretty interesting actually. Id be curious to hear it.

Here you go.

Honestly undersold this thing. It is amazing sounding.


My review:


Now with 100 euros off in the EU…

I got the Honey a few days ago and it’s overall pretty great, once you update the firmware to 2.0. I bought it mainly because Z loved it/is still using it. Dethonray also said they are only going to make 300 of them because of the AKM fire.

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How does the H1 compare to the A90 and other similarly priced desktop amps?

@foxx - See Zeos’ review of the GoldPlannar GL2000 and the Honey. He says the Honey is much more class A (smooth, warm) than the linear, neutral representation of the A90.

I just received my Honey H1, so have only a few hours with it but would agree with Z it’s strongly in the warmer musical camp. I don’t have a A90 but I do have the A50S which is the lower power brother to the 90, and it is very natural. Both are clean and deliver sound far above their size and paper spec. I’m honestly considering selling my 789.

Make sure you update your firmware to the newest one. The stock firmware has some strange quirks to it. The Ultraman one is also neat but disables the 3.5mm out.

Thanks, it’s on my todo for this afternoon!

Any chance someone knows how to apply this from a Mac :joy:? Short of boot camping my Mac! Or RPI I just started to mess around with those little gems.

Seeing as you have them both, how do you compair the staging and detail to the paw 6000? I get that they are totally different but I wasn’t sure if it held up even with the shift or not given than paw 6000s can be had just under 1k now

What a difference that 2.0 firmware update made thanks for the tip.

There are just a bunch of weird quirks that the OG firmware has, like the lights not working, connection issues, or the volume pot doing strange things. I use the Ultra firmware myself, which disables the 3.5mm but increases the power output of the Honey.

Where can I find more information on the Ultra firmware?

There isn’t much. You can email Dethonray about it but it only takes 2 minutes to flash a firmware and if you don’t like you can just change it back:

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