Discovered the REAL magic of pad swaps...the rabbit hole continues

After watching the Zeos KPH30i video, I ordered the headphones and the WRONG pads…it was a serendipitous error.

The wrong pads (to my ears) sound completely different than the ones Zeos suggested in the video (I think), and possibly better. The correct pads just came in today and I’m testing them while I’m at lunch. Has anyone else tried these two combinations? I think I like the non-GS1000 pads better. The GS1000 pads sound more clear, but with less bass, maybe bigger soundstage? And the SR225i pads sound like they aren’t as wide, but much much warmer, with smooth, buttery bass. Let me know if anyone else tries this out. In the end, for less than $50, you have two different sets of headphones in one, so this isn’t a complaint, more of an “eye-opener” at how pads change the sound. Incredible.