Discussion thread on THIEAUDIO HYPE 2/4/10... & THIEAUDIO Prestige LTD/OG

Is not! It is good for metal and electronic music. Many people say that MK3 is a good metal, but I’m not sure. Most people don’t listen to metal as their primary music, and don’t understand much of the genre, and aren’t musicians enough to properly appreciate rhythm, timbre, etc. If there is even an inch more energy, it weighs down the guitars and makes them unlistenable and fatiguing. The sale price of $260 for the HYPE2 compared to $1000 for the MK3 and $1300 is Prestige not to be underestimated. Probably the MK3 is better (in resolution, staging and treble) , but whether it is better by $740 (the price difference), I doubt it. :wink:
I’m not saying the HYPE2 is a technical god, but the tonal setting is close to perfect for listening to music, not audiophile crap, which is the point of the whole hobby - you listen to music and not IEM :beers:

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95%?! How did you calculate it? This is not true. But I don’t feel like getting into pointless arguments in this subjective hobby. I’ll just say that the HIPE2 is technically and tonally superior to the Truthear Zero Red… :sunglasses:

It‘s not about calculating, it‘s about me feeling that the Z:R gets very close to the H2 at a much more affordable price.

And that‘s fine! All depends on a persons library after all.

The issue for me is that my library contains pretty much all and any genres, so having an Allrounder over a specialized set is much preferred for me.

It’s very good with it, makes me wanna headbang. It even manages to „pull apart“ tracks that are awfully mixed/mastered and sound quite congested otherwise.

They also said that about Kinda Lava, but it is bad for metal. So it all depends on your experience, taste and HRTF. Arguing in this subjective hobby makes no sense. If you like it, listen to MK3. :wink:


The funny thing is that I’ve AB’d the Hype 2 with the 64 Audio Volur and U4S and would still take the Hype 2 over both, so, just how things are.

As for treble extension though I have them with the eletech baroque tips and while, you know, tip rolling has their limitations, but to my ears they really open up the treble region.


I know FR isn’t everything, but I’d choose HYPЕ2 over 64 any day :shushing_face:

This is the best bass I’ve heard under $1000. The only one that sounds like a subwoofer in the ear. It hits much harder than the IE600 and the famous Tea OG. This thing makes you feel like you’re in a room with speakers pumping out head-shattering bass. Unbelievable. Swapping the tips with the CP100 helps texture the bass, stage and treble.
^^^ I mean HYPE2… :purple_heart: :ok_hand:
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I’m slowly turning into a basshead :smiling_face_with_tear:


You should give the Eletech baroques a try. My favourite tips for them currently. Reduces midbass a bit but it tightens it up considerably and elevates the bass quality overall. Need to have a proper seal or you won’t get any bass lol.

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I have a perfect seal with the stock silicone tips (L) and with the CP100. Otherwise, how will I hear that bass :grinning:. Baroques will not work for my ear anatomy, I have similar shaped tips. For example, foam never works for me. I have slightly weird ears so I never recommend tips because our ears are different! :wink:


Kato, Hype 2, Hana 2021

The Hype 2’s dips concern me. I tend to want a little more in those dip regions.

Edit: The Kato, with ePro Horns, is one of my top 3 tunings. The Hana 2021 and Yume OG round out my other 2.


These declines are at the expense of the rise of some other regions in the FR. The overall tonality is very good.

I am unconvinced it suits my taste and library.

Yes. If you like Kato, you might not like HYPE2.


The Hype 2 would probably be a fun set. But, yeah, I am a Harmon/Diffuse field fan pretty much.


Maybe wait for Hype4


I strongly dislike the color of the HYPE4 shell. It has nothing to do with the good design of HYPE2.
BTW → DUNU S&S significantly improves the stage and treble. If anyone is interested…

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A competition between the best in this genre…
Oooooh Fakkkkkk :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me it’s the fact that they are releasing it so close to hype 2. Just seems like KZ nonsense of a release schedule.


Hmm. It seems reckless to me. They prided themselves on the good work on the HYPE2 and are releasing another IEM immediately. Also the color is terrible… Hope the tuning is good, at least like 2.

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