DMS on Linus tech tips

ey b0ss


Waiting for that video. I didn’t want to join that other streaming service.

I haven’t watched the video yet but I wonder if we will get more people joining the forum

It was a great vid! Happy for dms

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I had a bit of fun in the comments section


Oh god it’s going to be a shitshow in the YouTube comments lol


Well played.

But why not both?

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Great job @DMS. Made that man cry. You just leveled up.

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Hopefully I’m on the Linus forum fairly often. And there are a lot of people I wish I could help but sometimes I just have to hold off and not helping cause you know I’m no knowledgeable enough. In the audio part of the forum specifically

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Also as an aside AB1266 Phi TC gang rise up :muscle::muscle::muscle:

You don’t need that amp with them though to sound good

Edit: I think a couple of people besides me have a pair on here

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I’m more of a STAX man myself. I have great respect towards the AB1266 Phi TC though.

Stax are pretty nice too, really like my 007mk2 as well. It’s a great actually bass tilted estat (kinda lol, it’s no planar)

L700 really nice too if your into that

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Is this only video DMS is doing with LTT? I would have much rather him did a showcase of the best audio gear under a $1000.


Yes, I agree, get people into the hobby instead of showing something 99% of their audience will never consider


Just so Glad DMS is wearing a pink guy shirt. for those that don’t know the legend


I cry foul. Zeos should be doing this video. But instead Linus gets another skinny pale blue eyed wasp to demo audiophile? what? Dont like the chonky Italian guys huh Linus?

Get ready for the nuubs, their coming…

Damn he actually made Linus cry. Did you see that chin quiver? But i cant talk ive cried to audiophile gear. I think we all have…

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Wow no love for DMS. He also works with Abyss now so it makes sense


Yeah. I think the video was more like a brand showcase for Abyss more than it was an Audiophile educational video for techies.

So it made sense for DMS to bring some Abyss to them.


honestly no better fit to show case it fits the linus vibes perfectly

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Yeah if anything it’s good that the exposure is out there.

As always there will be trolls or skeptics in the comments but looks like some people who are genuinely impressed.

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