DMS top 5 headphones under 500$

DMS just put out a video for top 5 headphones under 500$:

DT880 160$
HD6XX 200$
Argon 300$
Airpods Pro 234$
Sundara 350$
Honerable Mention: DT1990

Ok first thing that bugs me about this video is why not call it top 5 headphones under 300$? 2nd DT880’s? really? this sibilant song picky headphone is not that great a headphone. 2nd its headphones. not earphones. I hate to see earphones in a headphones list. make another list and call it best top 5 earphones under 500$ 3rd i have nothing against the HD6xx but its also not that great a headphone. its boring. and the HD600 is a obviously better headphone. 4th Argons, i feel these have seen their day. 5th the DT1990’s can be found for 500$. it should be on the list.

So its not a very good headphones under 500$ list. Theres headphones much better than the ones on this list. It just bugs me. I feel like DMS just dialed this one in. its more like “hey guys, these are my favorite headphone 2 years ago. havnet really been paying attention lately”.

What headphones do you think belong on this list? Heres my top 5 in no order:

1 DT1990
2 Sundara
3 Sivga P2 (a much better replacement for the DT880)
4 Fostex Ebony, or mehogany or purple heart
5 Aeon Open-X

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880 aint that sibilant and brings out a decent amount of detail. wide soundstage and imaging is among the best even under $500
argon is much loved by a lot not surprised thats there
surprised by the airpoods though , sundara are great QC is a cOncern
if you can fInd tHe 1990 at under a $500 definitely the pick.

also people have preferences. and if the list were up to me none of the sendy clones would be on it personally. but I would add the purple heart as well though


I actually really like my 880 600 ohm. The siblant sound I heard went away after a few hours. I could easily put them in my top 5.

Especially when paired with a decent amp and DAC


880 600 ohms are beasts for the price (although you want a good amp to drive them)

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How much are the Fostex lineups you posted? I can’t find them anywhere online, and with Drop I can’t see the price since they’re not in the active lineup.

Edit: Nevermind, found info in another thread.

I hate top number lists. It is all subjective and if a person has a bias, it shows up all over said lists. Out of his list, I personally agree with HD6xx, Argon and Sundara…but it really should boil down to what the consumer is looking for and what fits their use case(s).


This exactly.

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I have always been against go to lists or buy lists based on price, I would much rather work with someone to help learn what they want and pick out a system they would like, yields a much better result


Yeah, I’m sure Grado would end up in my list and we know how that would end…lol

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For me, lists are just fun insights into a specific persons preference. Once it becomes an objective right vs wrong type of argument, then the fun goes away.


I just got the DT880 and it wasnt my favorite. But the way you guys are going on about it im thinking maybe i should keep it :flushed:

If you don’t enjoy them, return them. Just because something works for me doesn’t mean it works for you. If you are not happy with them, send them back and get something you enjoy more, no reason to keep it if you don’t like it

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with ear bleeding?

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Oh dont be a sourpuss. I love top lists. they make me curious about certain picks and sometimes directs me to a great headphone

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which grado would you put on the list?

Man, which specific Grados would be on your list? I own grado’s friend the alessandro MS1. Also heard some higher end pairs many many years ago (can’t remember which model) but remember thinking wow the width & openness is really something else.

:+1: :clap:

wow this headphone levitates in your hand


I’m scratching my head right now, the DT 880 600 Ohm produces sibilance, the DT 1990 pro doesn’t?
After how I perceived it, the DT 1990 is the mother of the sibilant reproduction. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah well TIL that DMS is not treble-sensitive (the Beyerdynamics AND the Sundaras. Augh! :scream: ). He likes treble.

I’d have expected Verum Ones and DT 177X go or something.