Do it all closed back

First post so I hope I’m doing this correctly…

I’m a serious-ish gamer that’s after the perfect closed back, to not broadcast to the whole house, with great sound stage. Big head scratcher is that I want these to also be my quality airport lounger off my phone (low impedence).

Side note… after an intense amount of undefintive research I’ve currently opted for the dt770 32 ohm. No one reviews the 32ohm variant so that’s an issue for my situation. If I dont consider the impendence then Metal and Badseed enjoys it but DMS thinks the 770 is trash.



Welcome. I heard the Beyerdynamic MMX300 MkII is really good:

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Thanks! I’m unaware of the impedance but I know that Z raved about them. HOWEVER I should’ve mentioned that for gaming use i do have a mod mic. I also 100% wouldn’t want to lounge at the airport with that mic looming.

You could take a look at the DT177X go

Not sure what your budget is, but I got to listen to a ZMF Eikon for a few hours over the weekend and now I’m trying to figure out how I can squeeze it into my budget. I doubt it would play nice with a phone, but I had to keep seeing if people could hear what I was listening to because it sounded just like an open back. Very good soundstage and great isolation, but I think it’s probably 300 ohms like most of his other cans.

I assumed that anything outside of approx $500 would undoubtedly be terrible off a phone. Let’s say $500 budget. Key and difficult factor being the low impedance.

Thanks for the feedback!

177x go, massdrop meze. Both easy to drive., Those Beyer’s.

I would’ve picked those over the 770, especially with the detachable cable but… NONE of the typical reviewers cared for it.

It’s definitely not my “best” headphone, but I use my sony wm-1000xm3 maybe more than anything else I own. It’s the only headphone I bring to the airport, but I’ve never used it outside of the bluetooth functionality. It does come with a wire, but I never plugged it into anything to see if it improved/changed the sound in any way.

I think for gaming and for a do it all it would be fine Imaging and soundstage are good and they are not amp dependent. Meze 99 if you want a dat bass

So both you and Aspen are offering those up. Hope Aspen sees this to collab but do you two own either of these and use them for this criteria? Our typical reviewers dont rave these units. The meze they do rarely mention are the classics but not the Drop version. Hoping this post may now be getting a sense of my dilemma.

My rec comes from the many threads on the forum. I do not own them. I do have the HD58x and would rec them in a heartbeat if you wanted open backs. You can take a look at some of the other threads on gamer headphones and see if something sparks your interest :slight_smile:

I have the Meze Noirs and I’m not a fan. There is bass, but it’s overly done and sloppy. I also think they are closer to on-ear, and they don’t isolate as much as they should. I haven’t heard the 99 Classics, but if the tuning is the same I’d personally avoid them. I will throw them on occasionally, but I would never use for gaming because they don’t image well at all. What about the Massdrop Fostex if they still have any left? You may have missed the Ebony, but the Mahogany are not too far off. If you luck out and find the E-Mu Teaks, they are my favorite closed back under $400, but Drop has only sold the attached-wire version the past few releases

You can also look at the cooler master m751/752. They are ez to drive and use a veteran 40mm driver. They were designed by takstar or something.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve looked through the reviews and found that nearly all comments are either high impedance or open back.

Hyper x alpha is a clone as well and has great audio, forget what it’s a clone of though.

Or just get a Xduoo XD-05 for 100$ and use any headphones you already got when travelling?

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I was thinking of suggesting that myself. Without portable amp, you are severely restricted.

Sony wireless also have good sound. Not great, but good across the board and very portable.


That would blow the gates wide open but I’m really after not needing an amp. I could use anything with a proper portable.