Do we really need expensive gear?

I know the answer is not. Of course, the goal is to find the sweetspot of a performance we are satisfied with at a price we can afford.

I recently bought a Tin T2 and I am amazed by it. So much so, that I’m wondering if I need anything else. Sure, the sound isn’t entirely perfect and I would like to have an over ear headphone for extended listening, but it’s good (amazing) enough that I just don’t see spending nearly or over 1k on a headphone and amp/dac justified. To put this into perspective, my main rig (Audio-gd R2R-11 > MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed) is around 1200$. I am really satisfied with it, but now I’m considering selling it off and maybe having some “time off expensive gear”.

What do you think? Do you feel like spending a lot on a nice system is worth it when we have options such as the Tin T2?

Is there a headphone that made you think the same?


I finally decided I’m going to part with the Neumann NDH20s… I really like them, but I feel like I can get close enough to what I like about them with the Tin T4s through the RNHP amp.

My main rig/setup right now is the RNHP amp paired with the Focal Clears. It’s such a good combination that I’ve decided to sell off both THX amps I own and I’ve been leaning out my headphone collection of everything else, aside from the really cheap, less than $100 iems and Koss headphones.

So not quite as extreme as you… but I do get where you are coming from.


I mean, I think it depends on the person if it’s worth it or not. I’ve known people who just sell all their higher end gear for something like a 650 and a nice tube amp and call it a day, or as you mentioned just mainly stick with the t2 or other iem. It really just depends on the person

I mean we don’t need any of this but we do it because we can. but there is a reason I generally hiver around the affordable gear region personally as there is so much improvement here at such a fast rate its hard for myself to justify the amount of money to drop

I think three headphones is probably the limit of justifiable, especially if they’re over $100 each. If I could afford every headphone I would absolutely get them all, but as it stands I really only need a nice closed-back to be covered for all circumstances I could run into (I haven’t bought a closed-back in +15 years).

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I certainly don’t “need” 6 amps or six headphones, but I really do love variety. I am in day six of my E95X marathon and loving every minute of it. By the weekend or next week I will start to get a little itchy. Then I will grab a different combo and be disappointed for 15 to 30 minutes while my ears/brain acclimate to the new sound signature. Then I will have a grin from ear to ear for days with the next set.

And the cycle goes on…:slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Why are there no headphone emojis on an audio forum?


I think we need a small category here for people to sell all this stuff they no loner want, give people across the world the opportunity to buy things they otherwise might not be able to get their hands on, yep that’s what i think. Zeos and DMS and whomever else can have a % cut if they desire, since we would be using their site.

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Exchange rates, shipping and duties would be a nightmare.

I’m in two minds about it.
It’s nice to be able to sell to other forum members, but something is going to go wrong in a transaction at some point, and it’ll be he said she said.
There are a lot of other places that offer ways to buy and sell used gear.

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Depends on the country, some places make it pretty easy if you provide the courier with a phone number or email address.

Agreed, and i use a bunch of them, they are NOT this community though and i actually like a bunch of the folks here.

Nope, i ship things to europe all the time, and have things from asia shipped here all the time, you have to know the ins and outs of the system nd be willing to take some risk is all. Nothing is free in life.

Buy/Sell/Trade would be an awesome thing to have.


I would go out of my way for some of the folks here, not so much in other forums. But that’s just me.

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Granted there is always risk. I limit my buying and selling of used to my own country. I buy new from foreign countries (Japan, US and China) because I don’t have a choice.


Is anyone a member on Head-fi? They’ve got a subforum for selling, but I don’t know if they’ve had bad experiences.

The deals on Head-Fi look good until I do the currency conversion and factor in shipping costs from an individual without big shipping discounts. Then it becomes too close to what I can get here. Only thing is more availability

Yes and yes, there is always risk when dealing with people on the internet. Look at e-bay, transactions go wrong there all the time. I have had more bad transactions on ebay tho than on any forum and i have been buying and selling on forums for 2 decades

Ok, we are way off here. This forum was built for beginners and most items on here are nickel and dime kit, we’re not talking $4k amps and headphones here, we’re talking about mostly budget stuff. Yes, i too would stick with the well established places for heavy ticket items unless it’s someone you know.

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I am not off base. I regularly buy and sell pieces ranging from $150.00 to less than $500.00. I don’t think it would be worth the hassle of shipping internationally. Or a great value.