Do you guys do wierd shit with your gear?

as the title asks.
for examppole out of pure curiousity I tried to run IEMs and headphones at the same time
open backs and speakers at the same time
KSC 75’s and a pair of dt 990 over it at the same time all running off the same dac.

Wearing some qc35IIs with NC on top of some iems really isolates you lol


about to try ksc 75’s under he 4xx while rb 42’s run

Make sure not to damage your 4xx lol

how did it sound?

20 character

sounds good but Im pretty sure becuase tyhey all sound good you just also get the feeling of vibrations like on the desk and get a bit of a fuller sounds from the woofers of the speakers

fuck gotta charge my 2nd anmp that runs the ksc’s

welp forgot that the pre outs on the liquid spark doesn’t work when headphones are plugged in so that idea is dead,

I’ve wondered about running IEMs with ANC headphones on top of them that only have ANC on and are not running. It would probably isolate very well. That’s something I would try.
I hang my headphones up on my clothing rack in my closet, if that’s weird.
I don’t know what qualifies as weird lol.

-I’m using an AVR as an external DAC for my computer/playstation/speakers/headphones. Under my monitor.

-I bought my Atom for my other place. I’m currently double-amping my AVR headphone out with my JDS Labs Atom. (And what the hell, I don’t get it, but it’s as if the Atom cleans the not-so-clean signal).

-Also, amping my PlayStation 3. Using the RCA output (with the red-white-yellow cable you never used), out to the Atom. Sounds great (it’s also my CD player).

-Using my old Samsung Note 3 to power my T50RPs. I don’t know why, but it works. So I may wear my T50RPs for a 4 hour bus trip soon.

-At the other place, my JDS Atom will also be plugged in a Denon cassette tape player, just for fun. This old fucker had a 1/4" headphone out in the front, but it’s a line out: There’s no volume knob (?!).


“Hmm, what should I wear today. Oh, Focal Elegias with my black vest and grey gloves. Classy.” :face_with_monocle:


I wish I had enough style sense to effectively pull that stuff off lol


I once put toilet paper inside my Aivas to bring down the treble. Sounded better without it.

given enough confidence you can pull anything off…or just be asian

It’s not the confidence, it’s just that I don’t think I would be able to get something that looks good together lol, can’t really tell what would look good or not

lol true that comes with time. Im stilll figuring my shit out . but taking the occasional risk is fun

I guess I never really cared lol, so I never bothered paying attention to that stuff

lol makes sense . I just kinda enjoy mixing and matching outfits so I put some or at least more effort than I used into it

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Zeos with a 50ft wide wall full of headphones and matching outfits becoming a fashion channel :thinking: nope :stuck_out_tongue:

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“This jacket’s zipper is garbage!”
Reviewing a pair of shoes: “Theeeese…”

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