Does Zeos Hate Highend Audio

It seems to me that any video where he talks about or reviews high end audio products, he just shits on them. Is he trying to win over the masses by shitting on high end audio products to make the majority of his viewer-base feel better about their systems? Or, does he let the costs of things blanket his ears?

I think he’s just being honest about his feelings and opinion on things… he just doesn’t filter or seem to take a lot of time to second-guess himself. I don’t always agree with him, but I don’t always agree with anyone. Nobody is infallible. I’ve personally had pretty mixed results as I slowly move on to higher-end gear. And my experiences don’t really seem to line up with any one other person perfectly.


Define high end, there is a lot of mid priced stuff he likes.
His channel has always been very budget conscious.
His tastes are a bit odd on occasion, there isn’t much he ever really craps on.

He’s very price to performance minded… his wall has some pretty high end ($1000+) stuff on it… he actually likes alot of high end gear


I think all high end things lose if you look at them the right way, and I think this is what he is reflecting. Pay three times more for 10% more performance??!? F that!!

He does have a set of buchard speakers on his shelf, though. So maybe he’s not entirely allergic it.

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I feel like, if anything, he’s harder on the high end shit.


Exactly how I think about it. If your going to ask someone for a certain amount of of money it better reflect the price. Reason why the build quality of a ksc75 is forgivable due to the price and sound offered. And as he does up the price ranges he starts to take random quality of life things into more consideration like build quality, pad choices, cables, sound quality and how they compare and pulls out his figurative microscope like most people would.


First thing that comes to mind is him recommending the Campfire Andromeda. $1000+ iem.

I’ve been watching his videos for awhile and he’s recommended plenty of high end stuff. He’s just more critical on the higher end stuff, because of the cost. I equate it to this, just because you buy a Bentley doesn’t mean there can’t be improvements made to it and if anything you SHOULD be more critical of it.

I legit stopped watching/listening to reviewers who constantly bring up “It’s good because it’s made by _______.”

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There are brands where it works the other way round, but every company manages to fuck up every now and then.

Yeah I agree. I think a company wouldn’t learn if they didn’t fart out some turds every now and then. lol


I am horrified by that phrase…yet I can’t think of a better way to put it. Lol.


To me it’s like a lot of mid to high end tier gear. Once you hit a certain price point the price to performance gains aren’t always as big as the cost would indicate.

Zeos Imo is a someone who exposes that without hesitation. For me I appreciate it. There are things that he says are worth it and some that aren’t.


I love Zeos, :star_struck: i think he’s a frugal bastard deep down inside who loves finding a good bargain or gem in the rough and maximizes the potential out of it. He likes fancy, nice stuff as much as anyone else but wants value for his money. I’m much more critical of my expensive stuff than i am of my cheaper items, it’s the way it should be.


He runs optical into a shitty dac.
He’s a meme by nature.
Of the very few times he reviews something high end (2K+), He often says cheaper things sound better then the high end product he is reviewing even if its objectively not true.
He spends more time bashing the price then talking about the sound.

And he curses too much and passes off way TMI about all sorts of stupid things as they enter his mind…fucking, “squirrel…wut, wut where?” He’s my twin brother from another mother :rofl: His entertainment value is :100:! My boy ain’t dry, he’s moist…


Hmm. I think his bias just leans against bigger companies or corporations more though. Like he recommended the ZMF stuffs pretty quickly. Or the Buchardts as well for example.

*Which I feel is fair to an extent. I mean, if a company has over 50 people working on something, you’d expect the product to be better or have a higher standard. But it doesn’t seem always to be the case

Ive learned to take Zeos reviews with a grain of salt. We’re similar in a lot of ways. I think he probably has OCD too. And i know i can get stuck on a ideal idea lol. Zoes is very price to performance minded. I think he really dislikes expensive stuff if its not impressive or unique. Like his review of the Abyss headphones. he was very impressed and gave it a good review.

But if its something that is expensive and not that impressive i think his motto is to wait for something better to come along that can duplicate that performance at a cheaper price. This bias’s him. and its disappointing when he glosses something over. or doesn’t acknowledge its quality.

Another problem is he too influenced by appearances. If something looks good he’ll include that into his overall review. So if something is expensive but isnt that unique or great but looks good he’ll like it based on that. I dont care if a headphone is made from used junkyard parts. i only care about the sound. and i want accurate reviews.

But i wouldn’t count him out. Zeos has been in the game a while and has reviewed a LOT of products. So maybe his reviews may not be accurate, but never the less correct generally.

And yes i wish he wouldnt cuss and obscenely joke so much.

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I like it, adds character specially in the current landscape of babies. sometimes you gotta talk shit, plus hes a grown adult nothing wrong with swearing

I dont really care what he does. but i do care what my ears hear

its his videos, up to you if you place YOUR ears in HIS video