Dongle for CTIA

Hey Guys,

Been looking at the Ethos MKIII or the upcoming Kinera Gramr cables for using maybe the also new Dioko for some casual gaming. But as both would be CTIA I am looking for a small dongle dac or some of that sorts. I have been eyeing the BTR7 since the release and might still pick on up but it will only work with the mic over BT and for my PC with the lack of AptX Voice that would properly be a bad mix for gaming(and maybe conference call).

So which dongle dac would support CTIA mic input for Windows(and Linux would be nice)

The hidizs S9 says it is compatible with inline mic.

Qudelix 5k has its own mic or can use the Inline mic of the cable (selectable in the app).

THX Onyx would be an option too. With microphone cables you can’t use a balanced connection anyway and the Onyx delivers more power single ended.

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Will look at those!