DROP HD6XX upgrade

Have the Drop THX 789 amp running the Drop HD6XX, love it but assume there is more to this hobby. Really interested in the HIFIMAN Sundara. Or is that not enough of a move/imptovement for the $ and should maybe sit tight? I saw an earlier post about the Argons as another option…new guy here willing to learn.

Also want to add I have a decent mellon is fit real concern (hat size 6 5/8) on the Sundaras by not having any swivel in the yoke.

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A few things to help point you in the best direction:

What’s your budget? What do you like / not like on the HD6xx? What is your DAC and sources? What is your use case (gaming/music/movies?)

The Sundara’s are pretty popular , lots of people seem to enjoy them. The Argons are more polarizing, some people don’t care for the sound signature while others love them.

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Sundaras are pretty fine with their fit, though debatable for some. Definitely make sure they have a return policy due to that issue as well as the company and its horrid Quality Control problems. Fantastic headphone and more Neutral Bright while your 6xx is more of a balanced headphone with some darker tones to it. Would pair well imo. Argons are definitely a very special closed back headphone very wide very warm incredible headphone if you want that bassy super immersive laid back headphone

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Love the HD6XX, just looking to go another step further. Sources would be Marantz SR6006 out on zone 2 to the amp listen to vinyl, cd, and hi rez flac sent from a Mac through the 6006 via apple tv/toslink. SR6006 has decent specs on its dac. $350 is pretty much top the budget.

Did read the Argons need a massive amount of power, would the THX 789 be up to the task?

Hmm, as someone who does not own the 789 I can’t verify for certain. However, the 789 should have more power to its balanced port which the argons are capable of provided you use that cabling you should be fine. You are correct that it is a very power hungry headphone it takes quite a bit to really push it to its full potential

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I enjoy my HD6xx a lot as well. From what I’ve read, most things in that budget seems to be more of a sidegrade rather than an upgrade, which isn’t a bad thing if you find a sound signature you really enjoy.

I’m currently interested in pushing my HD6xx with a different amp. Picked up a Liquid Platinum but might end up getting an OTL Tube Amp instead (Bottlehead Crack maybe?) too get more out of the sound I enjoy.

THX 789 would have enough power for the Argons but it’s going to be pretty divergent from the HD6xx sound.

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Balanced for sure. Running the HD6XX balanced. That tightened up the bass a bit.

Since your already using a balanced headphone. Something that is warm, bright, or V signatured would go real well also something that has a wide soundstage would be different since 6xx is fairly small on its soundstage and intimate

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You might wanna try the Helios. I consider it a upgrade to the 6XX. It has more detail than the 6xx and has a lively U shape to it. nice bass and treble extension. its a brighter headphone to the 6xx. but not too bright. and has a nice big open presentation. which might be nice after the 6xx. Its 180$

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I guess it would really be a preference, bright airy and detail in the Sundara, or soundstage and bass in the Argons.

thanks, on oh no, not another choice, lol. AND just when I had it narrowed down…

Sundara is still wide sounding. It’s a incredibly open sounding headphone with that “concert like” sound to it. Argons are just super wide as well though despite being closed. Both are great choices and will like you said boil down to preference. I do not recommend Helios it gets 50/50 reviews and is still in prototype stages. I would sooner recommend a DT 990 before I recommended something like that helios at the moment, don’t go the dt 990 less you know for sure you can handle a ton of treble. @cheinrich1

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thanks!, might get the Sundara and order the Argons (12 week lead time). To have an arsenal of varying flavors…

This is the final version. there are no prototypes. I dont know about the reviews but its a definite upgrade from the 6xx and a i would think the Argon as well. You should try it. I know what im talking about

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Just checked, huh yeah I guess it did finally go into full production. Still wouldn’t recommend such a headphone to someone who isn’t so knowledgable in the brighter headphones and I would 100% encourage a Sundara over it due to that.

Please do keep in mind that while Argons and Sundaras are great there is so many other headphones out there… Sennheisers are great for their detail and balanced sound meanwhile you also have Beyerdynamic for their bright headphones, Philips seems to be stuck making Warm headphones, Hifiman is kind of all over the place but they make planar driver headphones, Dan Clark is more expensive and the planar company I swear by over Hifiman, AKG offers some unique sounding headphones like those with mids and highs pushed forward with recessed bass. Tons and tons to choose from.

I know so many choices. Frankly I should chill but want to see what you guys think, and what direction/s I should be looking.

I would say aim a bit low and find a way to audition the different sounds. If you can find a audio store or a good return policy and pick out headphones from the different styles of sound find what you really enjoy. I personally love bright headphones but I understand theres a lot of people who are very sensitive to treble much like I am to a bass thats far too heavy as it causes me to get a bit of a headache. Be patient with it. It’s a bit of a journey with headphones, not a race.

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Well put!!, and thanks for that.

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