Drop Rewards Program

any of you get the email announcing their new rewards program?

500 points = $5 Drop Credit

you earn points via buying product, reviewing product and posting images of your personal Drop products.

you can read more here:

Yep, I have 475 points, if I write a few reviews I might have 6 or 7 dollars to spend. A bit of a joke if you ask me. That’s a 1 percent of discount. They can keep it.

Seems like I have 10 bucks in rewards already and 450 points away from getting 5 bucks in credit. Just from a HD 6XX purchase it gave me 10 bucks in rewards it seems since you get +5 points for every dollar on drop items and I paid roundabout 175 for a 6XX. If you were to buy an ELEX you’d get like 30 bucks to spend somewhere else. I suppose it adds up and not a bad incentive but I won’t go through the work of reviewing or posting photos.

5 points per dollar spent in studio products, the other products 1 point per dollar.

Wonderful more reason to spend time and money on Massdrop, I just spend $300 on a keyboard and switches :frowning:

your math is off since the reward is only a $5 credit for every 500 points collected. no way for you to have $6 or $7 dollars of credit, lol :wink:

nice return on the studio products too. that’s the game changer.

If you were going to buy more products from drop in the first place it is just free discount so It’s fairly nice, especially if future drop collaboration continue to be good. I’m up to 40 bucks in free credits right now 50% the price of an SDAC (not that I need one).

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damn…you’re buying a lot from Drop, LoL!

An ELEX and 6XX is enough to make it up to 40 bucks actually. I had my upgrade path set already I happened to buy the ELEX a month ago and the 6XX a year ago so free money credits for me I suppose.

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well, I just reviewd the stuff I’ve bought…got $5 now. :slight_smile:

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I got 20$ and i didnt even buy anything lately that was very expensive. funny. maybe they want to reward me for my histroy of buying expensive stuff on their website lol. but they say they are only crediting from January onward

It where interesting when Drop had better products.
Same Products are to old,good products canceling the Drop,why?
Same Product can be have potential give one ir two drop and cancel it from the program,why?

And the polical thing trade with Product who European People can not use because the Power plig is Us.Or don‘t can buy walwart extra,when is dead.
One Guy write it for example his Cavalli Amp is good and the Walwart is dead and was not possible to buy another one.

I find with the name Massdrop was better,they give more attenion in the Product before sell it on the market.
With the Name Drop it give nothing new in products.
No new amp,no Headphone or Dac.

The reason try to trade the People with point is only strategie the People buy her product.They think year 5 $ cheaper or 10$ i buy it here.

Drop was better in the past i find.:see_no_evil: