Drop selling XLR cables for 45$

Wow. Check out these ultra keen cables Massdrop is selling: “Japan-imported pure-copper hi-fi wire with an impressive 94-percent copper density.”

Sounds way better than these:

This one is even shorter at .05 inch!, different colors too:

Does XLR cable quality matter?

As long as it’s decent quality it doesn’t really matter too much. Cable quality (as long as you have decent cables) really tends to only matter with insane quality setups


What about gold plating?

The only thing worth worrying about with XLR cables is the connectors themselves, some are kind of tight in some sockets.
I think the Hart ones are $35, I’d probably go with those over the Massdrop ones.
Though I’m currently using some 1ft ones from amazon I think.


You mainly just want to prevent oxidation over time for a cable so it doesn’t really matter that much as long as it’s a good quality cable

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I have good experience with Cordial and Sommer Cable.
When the connectors are Neutrik or Cliff, I don’t worry about anything.

i just got these about a month ago. Quality is excellent in my opinion. i see they are currently unavailable now though, but im sure they will comeback

Didn’t know where to post but think this is as good as any thread. I went onto the heart audio cables website a bit earlier. Their stuff looks very very nice, and the prices even better. Anyone have a set of their cables?

I have one set for a T50RP, and another on order.
Zeos was using them in his latest video.
Currently the lead times are pretty horrendous, but the cables are really nice.

Their cables are great. Zeos has been using them in several videos now.

It’s also one guy trying to process more orders then what he was prepared to be able to fulfill, and balance that with regular life. I can understand. Besides, even if he brought on other people, he’d have to spend the time he already doesn’t have to train them and ensure they can produce cables up to standard.

Awesome to hear, do they only come in red? What is the period for a pair?

No, you can order other colors. As far as the second question, I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

Sorry lol, ment to say…waiting period. My bad

Completely understand. Id rather wait a bit for a quality product than ruch for lower quality.

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On his site, he has a disclaimer of 3 weeks

Please allow a 3 week lead time on orders placed after Nov. 15th. Unfortunately this is necessary while we try to scale up to meet demand. We appreciate your business and your patience. As always if you have any questions or need help: [email protected]

And to order custom colors, he has a custom shop open- https://hartaudiocables.com/pages/custom-shop
Just email [email protected] with what you’re wanting, and @brux can get back to you if he has the color you want.

Thanx Blu, and thats not so bad, so with shipping im looking at a month. Sure it will be worth it.

While I don’t have any of their RCA or XLR cables, I do have a couple different lengths of the 3.5mm interconnect, and a couple different headphone cables.

The 3" is from the first production run, where as the 1’ and 3-pin mini-XLR cables are both pre-produciton.

The dual 2.5mm in charcoal gray with the hardware split is current production.

So these aren’t fancy, but I grabbed them for interconnects and don’t have any complaints:

Never seen a group of people more into cables than the people on this site. I post really interesting stuff and i get one reply. i post something quick on cables and it turnes into a thread.

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