DROP + SENNHEISER HD 8XX. Are Drops usually that much better?

So, I’ve been trying to see if drops are generally considered to be an improvement over the unmodified headsets. It seems like Zeos likes most drop headphones, but what about others?

Do you guys think they are an improvement? I’m curious with Drop opening the 8xx today for $1100.

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My 58x jubilee and 6xx were imo def improvements!
Still love them to this day!
From what I have researched, the ELEX was also a great contribution overall.
(I have seen the complaints about EQ issues and a driver going out after a year but the overwhelming majority seem to love it)

I know Drop takes a long time sometimes to deliver but I have no complaints about them and 2 of my friends love their experiences with Drop as well.

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I love my Elex, so I decided to roll the dice. Looking forward to reviews dropping in the interim.

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not really a GREAT savings deal… only 300 bucks less than the actual 800S

I have bought several items and have been very happy with a few disappointments.

My Elex’s have become my favourite headphone.
The E95X was cool at first, but became a disappointment and was returned.
I bought the HD58X’s used and was very happy. I ended up moving up to the HD660’s.
Killer deal on Dekoni Nuggets and they are Awesome.

I think Drop brings a lot of great stuff to the audio world. Having said that, this drop is Way too expensive for me and my success with Sennheiser is spotty, at best.

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I’ve bought a bit from Drop in the past and the only disappointment I had were the wool socks I bought. they are much smaller than the sizes they said they cover.

that said, most of their tweaked audio products have been winners. the savings of the HD8xx over the HD800 may well be worth it if the tweaks actually fix the problems everyone has for them…lacking bass, recessed mid’s and peaky treble and keep their excellent imaging, soundstage and timbre.


Drop are also offering 20000 points with the 8XX buy, which is effectively a $200 gift voucher to use against a future Drop purchase. Good if you buy gear somewhat regularly.


Also noticed that the 800S seems to come with 2 cables (3.5 single and 4.4 balanced). Drop only appears to be including a single ended cable.

true…but a good balanced cable doesn’t have to be $300…or the difference between the 800s and the 8xx.

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Yeah i reached out to Hart about those barrel connectors the 800s use, sounds like the 18" interconnect would be ~$85, so if you’re already in the Hart-iverse then it’s not bad. I think the Periapt is only $100 as well.

People are just loosing their minds on the Drop forums over these. I love how they speak with such authority on a product you can’t get until November.

Yeah I get cables from a guy in Baltimore their like $50

I like pretty much all of the stuff I have bot from Drop, 6xx, DVoice, CTH… but given where im from an HD800S is 1200usd with official warranty, vs 1100usd + fwding service + no warranty essentially. I am sure drop will do a good mod on this but just doesnt make too much sense for me personally.

not to mention I dont dig the blue ring on the chassis, much rather its entirely midnight blue… looks a bit tacky with the three tone design just from the pictures… oh and the 9 mths “at a minimum” wait…

I have liked Drop’s offerings. HD6XX and after longest wait ever in headphones, the ELEX.
Only that the shipping has been bit of dice game. Might get it or not.

Only this time with the HD8XX, the starting price is way to high with shipping + imports + taxes.
Could as well go to local shop and get the real thing HD 800S. With suberb warranty and no shipping and all the hussle.
It would literally be same priced. Mint condition 800S would cost much much less.
ELEX will still be the present Endgame.


How long do most of the new drop take to ship, is it similar to what we are seeing here?

It varies. My 789 came in a week.
My 58x took a couple months.
Depends on how quick you order after the drop.
I saw a receipt yesterday on a HD8XX order that said ship date was going to be November.

Its going to be a good product.

Do you want to give them $1100 to produce yours in 8 months (hopefully?) though?

Gonna quote @Hazi59 here when it comes to things he’s learned about audio at…

  1. Massdrop is shady af.

^^^ And that’s exactly why I’ve never bought anything from Drop even when they had a EU outlet and never will, juggling way too many product lines to give a shit…a bit like the dodgy store downtown that stocks everything and knows nothing about any of them just as long as they turn a buck :man_shrugging:

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In my exp the shipping is fine, they definitely ship with the economy service 4 - 5 biz day. But they also seem to ship a couple days ahead of when they claim they will in your order, so it ends up being 2 - 3 day. Granted i’ve only bought a couple things off drop, and only in the last year so i dunno if they had a reputation before that.

I agree with this…unfortunately as well and always urge people to buy with an asterisk of caution from Drop because of this reason and what I’ve heard people have experienced with them.