🔶 Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 28 Ohm Impedance

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Z Reviews

Josh Valour


Really looking forward to trying these out. Valour is saying these were 2nd only to the HD800S for gaming. Though his review is based on the fabric pads which Zeos suggested was much less enjoyable. I’ve found using the HD800s on games to be painful due to its treble. The 38X should solve that

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They are SO CHEAP (relatively) and I WANT THEM. Garrrrrrrr…

Some bold statements coming from over there. Price is quite something but I’m not sure if hes gushing a bit there with how good these are in joshuas vid. Tygr’s would be hard as hell to beat. Then again, he did make a remark that he may pick others. Also that mic is plosive and sounds worse than the modmic USB by a good margin imo.

Guess I will try these a bit later. Watching zeos review now

Might actually get these as a gift to someone(will test them myself of course) since I have a large backlog of drop cash reward just sitting there.

I’m in for one.

And people were talking about Sennheiser ditching Drop with 560s lol.

PC38X seems like a spam to me, though.


Any else think the color is a bit…not my cup of flavour.

I have headphones that put these to shame… However I loved th pc37x so much I am tempted to try these out. Josh’s feedback really makes me curious how much I would enjoy them.

How much is it better than PC37x, really? The tuning may be better but that’s about it.

Put my order in, all else fails it gets tossed into the gift pile. I had a lot of extra drop reward bucks sitting there so it was pretty cheap all considering. Making a statement that these are second only to the HD800S for a gamer sounds ludicrous and like they are just gushing to me. Guess I will find out for myself, I more than welcome a headphone that can best the Tygr 300R. I already used to own the GSP500 which uses this headphones drivers and I do own the pc37x and tygr 300r

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So this is getting interesting. Joshua places it near 800s and some games above, that means better than 1990 and everything in between because 1990 was his second pick after 800s for distance placing and imaging before, and DMS now says its the best for gaming specifically than anything he heard… better than Tygr Audeze and all that. Don’t know if this can hold up when things get busy like the 800s. That’s great for only 170$.


Felt the same. DMS makes the same claim in his new video today. Love his vids, but that statement is the first time I had the “influencer shill” thought come to mind while watching, and I really try to avoid that kind of cynicism.

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Same, that’s extremely subjective on that remark and sounds like straight up influencer shill. First, I hear they are good for both music and gaming and compete, or rather are better than the tygr. Now I hear well, it’s not winning any awards in music due to lack of detail and seperation and other things and if you want that you can grab a tygr or some other headphone. Like, bit of back and forthe going on here. Soundstage and imaging are nice in games but they are definitely not everything.

Will hold my tongue till I get them in. Drop still hasn’t shipped

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I just have a feeling these are being shilled hard. They may be good but not beating hd800S, dt1990, or other good headphones that work for gaming. Just my guess.

That’s my thoughts on it. It’s really not hard to beat the gaming headsets as 95% of them are just downright awful as it is. Having an open back in that market is even more rare as most of those are just closed backs. The cut corner here is the microphone as so far when I have listened to it’s quality it’s quite bad and I have heard better on other headsets and modmics. Volume knob is pointless as for a gamer you generally have that on a hotkey somewhere on the keyboard with quick access, edit: I guess it can work for console gamers just not really worth anything for pc gamers in my opinion.
Considering the feedback on this? I am going to hold it against my Tygrs, my DT 1990, T1, and for the hell of it pc37x. Might even throw in the lesser beyers for that one since it’s close in price tag to them

Going to be a bit till drop decides to ship, per the norm.

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The volume knob is super convenient for consoles. The only other way I know how to control volume on my Xbox is in the settings menu.


Will keep that in mind when I get mine in.

Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I am. Mine came in today and after a few hours I feel they were a good purchase. Big improvement coming from Plantronics Rig 800LX.