🔶 Drop x DCA Aeon Open X

This is the official thread for the Drop x DCA Aeon Open X

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Aaaaaand ordered. I’ve always had my eye on them but now it was just too tempting price wise.

I don’t know if I will pick one up, as it’s pretty much still a aeon 1 which I am not the biggest fan of, but it is a good price, the aeon 1 can typically be found used for around 450 at times

Maybe they’re just trying to clear out old stock?

That’s pretty much what they are doing lol

Isnt it a collaboration between Drop and Clarke? Drop takes stuff and improves it. what does it sound like? is it warm?

I haven’t heard it yet, but the only change they seem to have made was add different pads, so not too much improvement

guess ill find out, love my current cans but want something light for daily gaming use. My necks getting over worked by nearly 700g headphones.

Found a review…

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They are pretty comfy as hell tho, and the build is great

Seems pretty dang similar to the aeon flow open, but perhaps those pads give them an edge in soundstage. My main concern with the aeon flow was the dynamic range compression which I personally don’t prefer, but some do like it


OP mentioned that the filters only seemed to affect the treble response. Do you recall if this was similar to the OG’s?

I think that was the case as well, as they really didn’t do a ton on the flow open

Also I think that 500 is a bit high, but if they had them at 400 it would sell way better imo

That alone sounds worth it as long as they sound 85% of what my other cans sound like. I spend most of my time with headphones gaming. Only once and a while do i like to spark up the vaporizer and sit back for a couple hours of listening.

Josh V review, fwiw:


Very interesting, nice price point as well…

If only it was a bit lower lol


Yeah if it was 400 I would probably buy a pair. Ether flows are on the top of my list to try from them atm tho

Honestly now I rate the aeon 2 closed better than my ether c flow 1.1 lol


Any updated thoughts on this headphone? I was thinking of getting it for my wife for her record player.