🔶 Drop x DCA Aeon Open X

The record player has a schiit magni 2 running on it.

What type of sound are you looking for, and does the record player have a phono preamp built in? If she likes the ether cx, this would be a good choice

Got my set a few days ago. Really loving them. Bass is great. Running the 2 notch white and black foams. They are very enjoyable on metal and synth wave. Haven’t nt even felt like a/b ing them with anything yet.

It’s a audio Technica at-lp60xbt , it has line out 3mm to rca adapter. She currently has fostex t50rp Mayflower modded, and loves the sound of the Audeze lcd-x.

For the price of the aeon open x, you could most likely pick up a used lcd2 which would be better imo if you aren’t opposed to buying used

She doesn’t like the sound of the lcd-2, I have no problem buying her new lcd-x I just didn’t know if this was a good half price alternative if it’s not that’s fine also.

Gotcha. Just curious was the model she tried pre fazor or post fazor? Anyways I think the open x would be a good choice if you like something a bit neutral. If you have your ether cx (I could be getting you confused with someone else here) I would have her try that and if she likes it, it might be worthwhile considering the open x, because they do sound close enough but the cx has better technicalities imo. I don’t think it competes with the cx or lcd x but it is pretty good for the price

2016 so I’m not sure.
Yes I have the ether cx.
The ether cx is back up to $900 (got mine at $750) so at that price I might just jump to the lcd-x for a little more.

I believe it was the same lcd-x version Z had in his review I don’t know if that was fazor or pre fazor

He had both the fazor and non fazor in that review lol, so idk. You might be thinking of the lcd 2 classic? The 2 classic is def not the same as the lcd2, the regular 2 is better imo with better technicality and tuning

I wonder how much better a aeon 2 closed is vs tr-x00 ebony… Or mahogany with Lawton mod…
The aeon 2c looks sweet for travel. But that red…

Hmm, well what aspects do you want to compare?

The review he did with the fazor and non fazor was the lcd2 not the lcdx

Yes, you just said that she had heard the lcd2 and you didn’t exactly know if it was fazor or pre fazor, and then you said it was the same one in the z review, and he has only done a lcd 2 review comparing both the fazor and non fazor lol

After hearing his review and sound demo of the lcdx we went to a local place that had them to listen to the only reason we didn’t get them is the headband but she likes the new headband.

Ah, yeah the headbands are much better now, very comfy and distribute weight very well

She listened to the lcd2 there but didn’t like them she likes the lcdx

Haha I don’t know, just thinking about options for closed back. Just enjoyable listening experience. Better for not being at a desk but around the house. Something to run off a Btr5 or something. If I’m at my desk typically listen to open back.

Gotcha, well I would say then that if you are willing to spend a bit more, the lcd x is an improvement over the aeon open x imo

Yeah I’ll just get the lcdx for her then.