🔶 Drop x DCA Aeon Open X

Hmm both are pretty enjoyable lol. Based on the design alone though for portable the x00 isn’t the best tbh, because it’s bulky, doesn’t isolate, leaks sound, and the comfort isn’t the best. The aeon 2 has excellent comfort imo, it folds and fits well, isolates very well, and doesn’t really leak any noise

Yeah I can get a ebony tr-x00 for $550 or I may save a little to get the aeon 2 closed.

Personally I would just save for the aeon2 for your case unless you really crave a great bass response

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I recently ordered a Verite so hopefully that’ll crave the bass a little. Haven’t heard much about the aeon 2 closed other than its good.

Ah that’s right, then I wouldn’t really worry about the x00 then lol, the verite is on a different level

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That red tho…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmmm their design reminds me alot of the NightHawks. Between the two of those are these worth the extra $250?

Nighthawks are my pick imo, the older aeons just are somewhat boring and not really impressive (the drop one is just an aeon flow open with new pads), I think the nighthawks would be my pick for enjoyment, and if you need a neutral signature (although I would look at other headphones instead as well) the aeon open x might be worthwhile considering

Honestly ever since I tried out the 4XX all the headphones I’ve been looking at have also just been planars lol. These looked interesting to me, but I’m looking for more of a fun signature.

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Nighthawk gang nighthawk gang lol. Well some fun planars might be the verum 1 (although there may be a new model coming out soon), the lcd 2 classic, or the hifiman edition xx

Heard of the 2C and the HEXX, just not the Verum 1, but it does look really interesting. I’m leaning more towards the former two, or the Nighthawks, but that being said they’re quite pricy. Any major differences between their sound signatures?

So the Nighthawks are just fairly different lol, I would look at some of the stuff on the official thread regarding those. The 2c and xx are darker headphones with the 2c being the darkest. The verum is a bit v shaped. I can elaborate further but I’m a bit busy rn

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Anyone have a recommended replacement cable thats longer for this? Cable is definitely not long enough for my use right now. Also, if anyone happens to be wanting to sell these cause they no longer want them or just needs some extra money. Do feel free to drop me a message. Rather buy used since it’s cheaper and got a buddy who wants these but doesn’t feel like shelling out $500. Personally I love this headphone to death and still burning them in. Only real complaint is my ears get a bit hot wearing these but could also be cause my room is rather warm.

Hart Audio now offers DCA compatible cables. I have one for each of my Aeon X and Ether CX. Great system for flexibility between different sources.

Thanks I will definitely take a look at that!

I’ve been listening and gaming with these since Friday (only a few days) and coming from ether CX and he 4xx I’m very impressed. It’s surprising that these are described as “not that fun” cause I find them worlds better than ether cx (which I am trying to return to drop, wish me luck). They’re open but not nearly as open as the 4xx which basically don’t exist as far as isolation is concerned. 4xx sound signature isn’t nearly as warm as these, I would say they render detail differently. I think the aeon is easier to listen to as far as treble goes. They seem like a nice medium between the t50rp and 4xx but with greater resolving power. They also seem to require/like a bit more power to run than either of those headphones.

I’m running these off of a thx789 and modi dac, have done some listening with the CTH as well.

From my experience they are more fun than a cx or the aeon flow, so also strange

Yes, with the low impedance you would think it wouldn’t be the case lol

Glad you are enjoying them so far :+1:

do you think that these are a worthy upgrade from a t50rp(shure pads) ?

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I would say so, depends on what you are looking for but it would be a solid upgrade imo

thanks, I was just looking for more detail and sound stage