DT 770 Pro 80ohm highs vs DT 1990 Pro

Hi, people. I’m thinking of upgrading from the 770 to 1990, and I just wanted to know if the highs are less harsh, fatiguing or sibilant.

The highs on the 770 don’t bother me much, but if the 1990 are more sibilant or much more fatiguing it may be a problem for me, thanks

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So the 1990 has more high end than the 770, but I don’t particularly think the 1990 is more sibilant. It might be fatiguing for some, but most likely if you aren’t bothered by your current Beyer you are most likely going to be fine

If you get them and do find them a bit much, some simple eq can help if needed


Thanks for the reply. Also, sorry for taking your time, but would you recommend any other headphone in this price range?

The things I value the most in headphones is (in this order) imaging, soundstage, separation, clarity, detail, vocals, bass. But mainly imaging, soundstage and separation

I think I’m not very sensible to treble, (unless it has sibilance) and I love it on my dt770. Also I tend to listen to music at pretty loud volumes.

I listen to a lot of diferent music, but mostly acoustic and instrumental songs.

Another important note os that o need a headphone that is available in the UK or France, since I live in Brazil (unfortunately a bad country to buy headphones) and I’m gonna travel to Europe.

Sorry for this big text, but I’m really worried because I can only buy headphones when I travel, so I have to research a lot (I don’t travel much)

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In this price range, the 1990 would work very well for your needs tbh. Other headphones I would think of, I would highly recommend the focal elex, but it may be a hassle to get to you because it’s a massdrop exclusive, but if you can get your hands on one they are pretty great. Something that might be more attainable might be the hifiman sundara, which is a bright neutral signature similar to the 1990. Compared to the 1990, I think it has better separation and speed, similar imaging, but not as good soundstage, so I think you would prefer the 1990 more. There are others in the price range, but I won’t mention them because of what you prefer (as they might not meet that well)

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I think I will get the 1990 then. All my research has lead to them, and the only other option would be the elex. But I think it would be too hard for me to get them. Thanks for helping me finally come to a decision!

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No problem lol, do you have an amp/dac to drive them?

I have the fiio K1 and the A3, but I will buy the Topping DX3 DAC/Amp for the DT1990.

The DX3 might be pretty good to me specially because of the pre outs for my LSR305

I would actually instead suggest the fiio k5 pro if you can get it, because imo the fiio has a better headphone amp than the dx3. It also has pre outs for your monitors (but fiio labels them line for some reason but they are controlled by the volume knob)

I though about them, bit I saw in zeos video that when you plug headphones the unit don’t shut off the preout and plays both the speakers and headphone.

So I would have to unplug the speakers to listen to just the headphones, and vice versa.

Did they fix that?

That’s very common for most headphone amps with a pre out, not really an issue, the majority of amps do this (although typically the pre outs are muted until the headphones are unplugged)

I’m aware of that, but the problem with the k5 is exactly that they don’t mute the pre-outs when you plug headphones. I have no problem in plugging/unplugging the headphones every time I want to listen to them.

But I do not want to be plugging/unplugging the speakers. I would only buy the K5 of they have fixed this issue of not muting the preout when headphones are connected. Maybe I could find a way of turning off the speakers from my desk with the clock of a button, and then plug the headphones. But I thing that might be too much of a hassle, I prefer using the switchable pre-outs of the DX3.

Have you used the K5? Have you experienced this issue? I really liked them, but then (in reviews) I settled on the DX3 because of the practicality, and it also seems like a good amp.

Edit: the autocorrect fucked me up a little bit but I think it’s understandable sorry

So I have used the k5 pro only in headphone out, same with the dx3 pro. I personally prefer the sound of the k5 pro but for your situation the dx3 pro is more convenient, so you could go with that just fine then.

Something you could do is you could get a topping d10 and a jds labs atom stack and I think that would be my pick over both the k5 pro and dx3 pro imo. I think the headphone amp is better than both the k5 and dx3, and the dac is about equal with the dx3. The atom has muting pre outs so that solves that concern. It also allows you to upgrade overtime so you could swap out a dac or add a tube amp or something in the future which might be neat

That might be a good solution, I will see if I can get those in my trip. I will also check the prices and see what would be the best value for money

Yeah, it depends on what is available to you regarding what would be the best option

Just saw that the JDS atom alone is about the same price of the topping DX3 in London

I think I will get the DX3, do you think it can drive even less efficient cans if I plan to upgrade in the future?

Could you buy a schiit heresy from the schiit eu store? It would probably be cheaper and have more power

Ah, well then yeah the dx3 makes more sense then, I think it can, but might struggle with more demanding headphones or higher end cans, but with the 1990 you shouldn’t have any issues

Also true, it sounds very similar to the atom with more power on tap. Still has the muting pre outs

Are we avoiding the muting pre outs?

He want’s muting preouts so his powered monitors don’t play when headphones are in. That’s why the k5 pro is out