DT 880 32 ohm without an amp

Im really thinking to buy those headphone for gaming, but I dont want an amp so Im thinking to but the 32ohm, is there a difference between the 32 and the 250 or 600 in terms of sound quality, sound staging, and imagining ?

So personally I wouldn’t recommend the 32 ohm 880, it can sound somewhat sloppy and boomy, and isn’t the most technically capable headphone. The 250 ohm and 600 ohm are clear steps up from a performance standpoint in most ways, but I would recommend an amp with those. The 80 ohm sits in the middle, it has decent performance without an amp, but it’s only alright imo. Personally I think if you wanted a beyer that is very high preforming without an amp, the tygr 300r is a really good pick here, carries over the gaming performance of the 880 600 ohm and allows you to use it without an amp. You do have a sound signature change where the tygr is a bit warmer and fuller, with a bit calmed treble, but that is preferable to some and doesn’t impact it’s gaming performance too much imo. I would prefer the tygr 300r over the lower impedance 880s, but I do think the 880 600 is higher preforming, but it also needs a solid amp to get there, where the tygr would preform fairly well without one (but would still benefit from a nice amp in the future)

I really wanted to buy the tygr 300 R, but its doesn’t ship to my country :confused:
how is the dt 880 600ohm with HM-4 Mackie ?

Hmmmm this might be pretty under powered, but you might be able to get away with the 250 ohm on the mackie, although later on adding a good amp would be worthwhile

and how is the FiiO E10K Olympus 2 with 600 ohm ?
but im thinking, if I buy the amp and the 880, can’t I get a better headphone for gaming without an amp in the same price of both of the 880 and the amp ?

It’s not great, at minimum I would look for a liquid spark or magni 3+ imo to drive the 880 600 ohm well, you could just use the pc line out for your dac in that case

I might actually say no, as imo most of those higher end headphones also need good amplification to reach their potential, so you would end up spending on an amp for the higher up cans as well imo

so maybe ill take the dt 880 250 ohm and HM-4 Mackie and later on ill get a better amp. or maybe should I get the 600ohm with the mackie and later on ill buy a better amp ?

and for other headphones, what do you think on the k702 for gaming ? or Game one ?.

That would work and give you a decent experience

I mean in that case I would just hold off until you can buy the 600 ohm and the higher end amp at the same time as the 600 ohm would not sound good on that mackie imo

What type of sound are you after here? And what games are you playing?

Im mostly playing Apex, and thats the only game that im finding trouble to pinpoint where the enemies are, like if they are above or near me or under me, its not all the time im finding it hard to pinpoint but a lot of times especially if theres 3 people walking around me, or in the middle of a gun fights or something like this…

In that case, the beyers are very high preforming for that price range for separation and location, so that would still be my top pick, but the aforementioned k702 is solid for gaming, solid imaging and fairly large stage, but I don’t think it has as sharp of placement. The audio technica ad900x is pretty great for imaging and clarity but a bit more intimate stage, but still good for competitive

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alright I understand, im pretty sure ill buy the 880 250ohm with the mackie, but what about the 990 ? they are better ? I read a lot that people dont like the treble on this headphones.

and one more thing, what the difference between the dt 880 pro and dt 880 premium ?

So the 990 is more v shaped with more bass and treble, and that extra treble can be too much for some people. I think it comes down to preference, I don’t think one is super better than the other or anything.

The pro has a coiled cable and has more clamp, the premium has a straight cable and is a bit more comfy

and in terms of gaming, sound stage imagining, theres a difference between the 880 and 990 ?.

The 990 has slightly better imagining but it’s a pretty small difference imo

Take an 880 over 990 for competitive… 990 has too much bass in it which clouds fps sounds.

Hello Falenkor.

you think its a good idea to buy the TD 880 250ohm with the HM-4 Mackie and later on to buy a better amp ?.

There isn’t all that much I can say here outside of what M0N has said as we are in agreement. I think it will also depend on your motherboard too. That amp should work for the 250 ohm beyer(I have seen that amp bundled with the dt 770 at 250 ohms as well) however, it’s going to be by no means very powerful and in some cases a beefy motherboard I can see being more powerful. I think you’d be alright with the 250 ohm dt 880 + the mackie but definitely consider upgrading in the near future so you get better sound and power something along the lines of either a combo unit or a $200 dedicated setup will work just fine and you should be set for a long period of time as an upgrade. Since it’s just an amp I would assume you would need to use your pc’s line ports as a dac connected to the amp to get a proper connection

alright guys, maybe tomorrow or on sunday ill buy them, thank you a lot guys !! you really helped me !
thank you @M0N !! really helpful @Falenkor

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@Falenkor @M0N My motherboard is ab350 gaming 3 is it good enough ?

@Falenkor I went today to the store to buy the 880, but I found out that its missing i think in all my country theres no 880 for the next month or something, but theres the 990 pro or premuim…what do you think ? should I wait for the 880 ?