DT1990 Pro vs LCD GX

I have the DT1990 Pro for fps gaming, using through a Schhit hel 2.

Excellent sound quality, but gunshots absolutely blazes my ear drums.

I tried different pads, ultimately resorted to eq.

Wondering what the LCD GX is like in terms of sound quality, sound stage, and imaging compared to the DT 1990PRO?

Worth the swap?

Just hoping for something with high quality sound, sound stage and imaging like the DT1990 Pro without the harshness!

I’ve got a DT1990 but do gaming with a Hifiman he5xx and just got the Deva Pro Wired. They’re more neutral without the treble spike. The Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X are really good too, and easy to drive.

Isn’t the DT 1990 PRO and the hifiman h5xx a big upgrade over 900 X? I don’t really want to go backwards in sound quality of it is.

I don’t game but T1 gen 2 is probably the way to go if you don’t mind s/h?

It seems I can grab a used HD 800S fromeBay for a decent price.

Wondering if I should go for it and try it out as I keep hearing the HD 800S is the ultimate for gaming, just not very reccommended because of it’s steep price tag.

I’ve had them a few times, they are terrific for gaming but not everything. The soundstage is big but doesn’t sound real all the time. Soundstage is an illusion but a pleasant one. A silent noise floor is just as important and a digital amplifier for perfect channel matching. Headphones that have very close driver matching factors in placing where things are coming from too. The Ananda Stealth will be just as effective gaming, I was having so much fun in Destiny 2 on those, you can hear behind you exceptionally well with them. They’re on fire sale refurbished on the Hifiman web site. I’d rather get those and an SMSL DO400 for 3 watts @ 32 ohm and perfect channel matching (which I have also) and go gaming with them than the HD800s again.