DT1990 vs HD660s

Hi people.

So, I bought a DT1990 and today I tested it. I listened for a couple hours and I’m afraid it sounds too harsh/trebbly to my tastes. I don’t find it Very sibilant. And I kinda like it. The detail is very good

But compared to my old 770 I think it’s more fatiguing, and the 1990 is going to be my main headphones now. I can EQ it, but I have the option to return it and get a HD660s. So I wanted to know what are the differences. Mostly soundstage and separation.

Also, I think I wanted a very chill and relaxing pair, rather than that detail/analytical sound the 1990 have. Would you guys say that the 660s is good for a night session and relaxing sound?


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Regarding that the 660s is more intimate with kinda worse imaging and soundstage imo. Separation also tends to be better on the 1990 for the most part

The 660s isn’t as technically proficient but it is a more relaxed and warmer signature, pretty good for just relaxing

Regarding the 1990, what pads are you using? Also I would wait and use it for a few more days before you make a decision to get familiar with it and also let it break in and get used to the signature

An alternative is that you could get a tube amp for the 1990 if you wanted which would make it less harsh and relaxed imo

I’m using the analytical pads now. I tested the balanced and thought it was a bit less harsh, but I liked the A pads sound more.
But I have to test it further. I listened to them for just some minutes.

I will listen to the dt1990 more and see if I can get used to it. I was just afraid of the harshness, and I’m actually finding my preferences in the Hi-Fi world. So, i thought a more relaxed, warmer sound, like my Wh1000xm3 would be very good also. But I can always use that for relaxing.

A tube might be my next buy. Maybe the DT1990 + Tube + EQ will keep me satisfied for a loong time. Haha

As always, thanks for the answer!

I will report back, probably.


I’m thinking of buying the tube amp in the next days, if I plan to keep the DT1990. But the only option here right now (at least the option I found that I can pay arround 150 Euros) is the Nobsound little bear P7.

Do you think this is a good option?

I haven’t searched a lot for hybrid tubes, but I wanted to know if the P7 is good enough

Hmmm, is the little dot mk2 or darkvoice 336se something you could get?

Not here in Europe. I could get them from Brazil (importing from the US) and paying import fees. Witch kinda double the price in Brazil. So it would be 300 dollars for the little for mk2 or 150 Euros for the Little Bear p7 here in Europe.

Actually the p7 looks pretty neat but I have never heard it

I will take a look at it. Also, what do you think about the little bear b4x. I know it is portable, but might work for me, and is also available here

It is nice, but it is a hybrid and might not do enough for the 1990 imo

Ok, so I think I’m going with the P7 if I find it good. If I don’t, the B4X might be good enough for some time. I can upgrade later. The B4X is also cheaper arround 100 euros

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My Fiio A3 can power them just fine. Do you think it is less powerful than that?

I think it would be a good introduction to the tube sound. Do you think it will be enough to make the 1990 less fatiguing?. The D4X size and cost is kinda appealing, and it has more feedback and reviews

The b4x is more powerful than the a3

I think the p7 would be a good introduction into tube sound. The b4x is also good but I don’t know if it would give you enough tube for you liking

Ok, thank you. I think I might end up with the P7.

Yeah so if you use it for a few more days and end up liking them but thinking they are a bit harsh for you, the tube would be a good thing to think about. But if you don’t like them overall then I would strongly suggest returning them as the tube won’t make them turn into a new headphone or anything

Ok. I listened a little bit more today and some songs sounded really really good. But some others were a bit painful. I can’t listen today anymore, so I will keep listening through the week and think about it.

Also with use the harshness will reduce a bit, so by using them constantly when you can it might get better for you

Yeah. In the first use I was like sheeeeet that is harsh man. Because i was listening to my WH-1000XM3 a lotand they are the opposite of harsh. And then with some hours of use it got pretty nice. I want to spend more time listening right now, but I just can’t. Got a long day tommorow

Yeah don’t get burned out or hurt your hearing lol. If you can though try and only use that to accelerate getting used to the signature, because constantly switching back and forth between headphones can disrupt your acclimation period

Yeah. This thing of burning in is pretty crazy. When I first listened to my Sony WH I thought they were bad, and almost returned it. But after 3 or 4 days I actually started to like them a lot. It is very nice for relaxing, it has its problems, but it is pretty good overall. Might be the same with the 1990. I will give it at least 4 or 5 days to make any decisions

Edit: it was not the same with the DT770 and M40X though. I thought they were pretty great in the first listen haha. But they were my first serious pairs

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Update! After listening to the 1990 for a few days now, the harshness is almost gone!
It is very, VERY GOOD now, Haha.

But to relax at night it is still a little harsh. So I bought the little bear P7 on Amazon today. Will get it by February 11th. Will report back with news about the P7 sound.

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