DT770 Pro Upgrade options

As I have written in another thread I am looking for option to upgrading my DT770 Pro 32 Ohm. I don’t actually need it but I am willing to try something “better”. Price range is under 500 EUR, sweet spot around 350.

I am finding difficulties because I have a fair amount of constraints. I really like the sound of these DTs and scouting around there seems not to be a legit “better” version for this sound signature.
What I like about them is:

  • Soundstage
  • Bass definition and separation from mids
  • Trebles openness

What I would like more:

  • Soundstage, if it is possible
  • Mid definition, not so much level increase as I do not like mid-forward sound
  • Less harsh trebles, but still very present without being too thin

To sum up I would like to keep the sound signature with an increase in details and soundstage.

I will drive them on a Magni Heresy and would like to drive them on a DRF Red DAC alone if possible from my phone and to use them for music production.

I know that this is a lot and I am willing to trade off between these traits exception made for bass definition and separation from mids as I really hate muddy and claustrophobic sound.

Options I have found so far:

  • Argon mk3
  • B&O H6
  • Fostex TH X00
  • Fostex T60rp

I am really curious to hear your opinions.

Edit: TL;DR ended up buying Beyerdynamics x Massdrop DT177X Go

Hmmmm, the dt1990 sounds really up your alley besides the treble. I think you would most likely like the hifiman sundara actually. Are you restricted to closed? There is the dt177x go but that might be hard to get in europe.

I have the Fostex Ebony and its a really good headphone.

Ironic since it is made in Germany.

Lol, but massdrop says no I guess

Somehow I have been missing the DT177x Go. If they are from Drop then it is likely hard to find them here, but I can try. At first sight they seem perfect. Otherwise DT1990 you say?

Also haven’t considered the Fostex Ebony. I need to research them.

I considered the Sundara but I have heard a sound demo on YT in which they sounded really mid forward and close against Zeos’ sound demo in which they sounded almost perfect. That plus being open back which I wouldn’t prefer as I see it limiting their use case (but can forgo on a really good pair) made me reconsider them.

I have hard time trusting sound demos though having heard one of the DT770 Pro sounding really thin and claustrophobic which to my ear were the exact opposite. What do you think about that?

What are you powering your current headphones with? Are you wanting to stay with closed-back?

We always ignore the Focal listen. its closed back and selling for 200$ any good?

I think the focal listen is good, but it is more on ear than over ear, and the headband has had some build issues.

Sound demos are rather useless imo, will not really give you any good indication of what something will sound like.

The fostex are pretty great but the main downside for you would most likely be the pretty small soundstage, otherwise they are very nice

The sundara is pretty awesome, not harsh and extend well, more midrange, and a solid bass performer with the new revision

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I can’t help think that if I’d run into a HP like the Sundara, with the build quality of the DT177X I would have stopped buying more headphones right then and there because they would have been good at just about everything. Oooh the money I would have saved.

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Would the Sundara be OK in an office open space or I would likely be the jukebox of the room?

Hmmm most likely no then lol. You would want to stick to closed

The Focal Listen Pro is actually pretty good for a neutral studio closed back. Great isolation, good neutral sound, great for studio. It is solid, but certainly not impressive or outstanding like others, just solid for the price.

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I owned the Sundara and the right gimbal cracked. I never replaced them as I was out of warranty and I bought the LCD-2C. But the Sundara sounded pretty good. The Hifiman headphones I liked almost the best (the old HE-500 with Alpha Pads was my favorite). I like Ananda also, but they are overpriced imo.

With the new stealth revision, I think I’m going to buy them again as everything I had minor issues with were fixed (bass roll off, treble can get hot on certain songs).

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I bought the sundara, its was one of my earlier headphones too, and it didnt stop me from buying audiophile stuff lol

Because it was pretty crappy build and had issues. My headphone is still a fantasy, the build of a DT 177X and the sound quality of the new silent rev. Sundara.

I’ve recently picked up the T60rp and they’re pretty great. Their low-end is mightily impressive, though they tend to overbear the mids a bit. Out of their box I find their treble to be a bit too harsh, so I pad swapped over to the ZMF oval Cowhides and that fixed that issue entirely.

My honest suggestion for you would be to snag some MMX300, even if you’re in no need of a mic on your headphones. The MMX300 have noticeably better detail all around. They don’t quite have the same boom in the bass, but otherwise are a more balanced headphone than the t60s while still maintaining a v-shaped profile.

The mmx300 is actually somewhat similar to the 770 32 ohm with a bit more refined signature from my experience

The t60rp is pretty nice

I’m very curious about the t60rp. especially since you can get them modded by mod house. how would you say they compare to other headphones in teh 300$ range?