Dudes making their own headphones

Theres a lot of guys out there making their own headphones. People like ZMF, Rosson, Mr Speakers, Audeze who else?

Thing is not only are they making their own headphones but they seem to be making the best headphones around. How are they doing that without all the R&D and big company resources? I always thought the best headphones would come from the latest technology these companies develop.

a good driver can go a long way with tuning alone

Isn’t that basically what chifi is people adapting already existing driver tech in to headphones and then tuning it?

The real R&D cost is going to be in the driver design.
I don’t know where ZMF source their drivers.
I would think the difference now is if you could spec the driver you could get smaller production runs at not insane prices, from one of the Chinese manufacturers.
Where I think people like Zach at ZMF succeed in making high quality components, is it’s more than just a job, and he has a vision for what he’s trying to deliver, and people seem to want it.

If you look around Alibaba you can find lots of drivers, cups, pads and everything else you’d need to put together a set. Really that’s just an advanced form of modding.

But if the question is about small indie headphone manufacturers with a founder/owner who has creativity and vision, Rosson Audio, Dan Clarke Audio (formerly Mr. Speakers)and of course ZMF come to mind.

Not sure about Rosson, but didn’t Mr Speakers, ZMF, and in a sense Modhouse and Virolabs (and many others) get things going by modifying a Fostex T50RP?

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For sure- T50rp modding has been an incubator.

Rosson Audio is Alex Rosson, co-founder of Audeze.

wow wow wow, wth? check out alibaba! theres tons of headphone stuff here. my god, this is how their doing it.

Someone could make their own headphones and sell it from parts off this site. theres headphone dynamic and planar drivers here. tons of them. I wonder if this is how Sendy did it with the Aiva. and got copied by Blon and Monoprice. Some company selling their latest planar drivers in bulk somewhere.

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can i buy a sennheiser HD820 for 600$?

Be a bit careful Alibaba is still a Chinese site possible knock offs. The 820 is also a headphone manufactured in Germany not China.

i wasnt seriously considering it lol. but wth is going on here?

fuck if I know I can only really theorise. could be a seller who bought one and didn’t want it anymore. or stock that they had in a physical store that wasn’t selling

How do you know their in asia? could be a german factory. do they make the headphones for Sennheiser and are selling b-stock? or is it a knock off or clone. i wonder what it sounds like

That’s assuming you would get the product at all, you may just end up in a similar situation to the $40 or so eBay darkvoice purchasers lol

The seller is from Ukraine

So what do you think about dude home made headphones vs big company headphones Mon?

holy shit $200? thats some bullshit if I’ve ever seen it

It’s going to be a super old gen used card with a hacked bios that reports false info

yeah most likely probably a gtx 650

Both can make great products I don’t really care if they make good headphones. I’ve met a ton of small audio business owners and they are all great and super dedicated