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This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Connection: MMCX

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Surprisingly, surprising good :smile: :man_shrugging:


Does anyone know what the driver technology is? Maybe they use DUNU Zen technology!?
@Rikudou_Goku :thinking:

I havent heard anything about this.

If its like the previous Falcon pro driver, then it is simply a driver that passes their specifications for an “eclipse” driver and NOT the Zen driver itself.


According to Dunu, this is the a 2nd gen architecture of the driver used in the Zen Pro. It sounds excellent to me and I see this one being a big contender in this price bracket. I can’t wait till it launches to see what others think of it as well!


“DUNU Falcon Ultra houses a newly-developed dynamic driver. It is a part of the second generation of ECLIPSE architecture famously introduced in the flagship DUNU Zen IEMs. The pair houses a 10.7mm dd unit with an all-new lithium magnesium alloy dome structure and fully independent soft suspension surround. This combination of the ultra-rigid and lightweight diaphragm and independent suspension results in lighting-fast transients and effortless music reproduction greatly enhancing the performance of the pair.”

“DUNU has also upgraded the magnet circuit structure. It is designed the same as Zen Pro’s circuit just a little smaller in comparison. This upgraded diaphragm and magnetic circuit brings clearer sound with crisp imaging, better energy, and a refined overall sound signature.”

The description sounds like the same as before. Not the same driver but follows the criteria for a Eclipse driver.


Yeah I mean it makes sense given the fairly large cost difference between the two. Perhaps someday I will hear the Zen Pro to compare.

Either way, it does have an excellent sound and you get the two different nozzles to flavor up the audio to your liking.


$900 vs 200ish is a big difference.

I’m guessing DUNU found a way to price a lithium-magnesium DD IEM much more affordably which is not a common DD type.

In fact, it seems that the ill fated Ikko OH5 was the first IEM to use this kind of diaphragm which costs at least double.

Edit: Zen Pro uses a different diaphragm than the FU, I thought both used the same one.


I am so hyped for these, I want them to fill the Vernus-shaped hole in my heart (and ears) :smiling_face_with_tear:
Edit: and now the waiting begins.


It’s not Zen Pro, but I like it. Safe pick id say.


I’d like to see a Vernus comparison.

I’m guessing the FU is a more V-shape Vernus.

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My Falcon Ultra is on the way to the post office :fire::fire::fire:

Have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up though


I really like these. Will be doing a full review for them after I clear out a couple things from the queue :joy:


I wonder if Starfield II LiMag is the same driver (or one that performs similar). They are pricing it for a $100 less…

It’s not. Oh and


Errr. That niche ear gain :face_exhaling:

Thanks for exposing it. I was digging the looks and the LiMag

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It kinda looks like a Tape Pro with more shout and more treble.

Woof. I hope that it finds its audience, but I ain’t it.
Edit: I may have been too harsh; it looks pretty similar to the Tanchjim Zero, which I believe had some fans.

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If someone has the Timeless too and can give me a brief comparison it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Falcon Ultra is here. (Sorry for the mess in the background, btw, I was in the middle of reviewing 2 other sets :expressionless:)


Beautiful earpieces. Quite heavy though.

Accessories are as generous as you would expect from a Dunu IEM.

Early sound impressions:

  • I didn’t have good sound quality with S&S tips. Just my ears, not necessarily the problem of the IEM or the tips. I settled for FiiO bass tips, one of my favourites.
  • This IEM is dynamic and slammy. It is definitely an IEM with ECLIPSE drivers, just like Zen Pro.
  • The bass seems mid-bass focused. Kicks and bass guitars sound rich, organic and bouncy. A refreshing change after a day with Helios.
  • The stock nozzle is Harman with mid-bass boost. It is thicker and warmer than a true harman IEM like Variations or “reference tuned” IEM like Helios
  • I have pinna glare and sibilance with the stock tuning nozzle. Will try the other tuning nozzle and report back.
  • Stage width is average. Stage depth is quite nice, possibly thanks to the bass floor. It means that when sound is supposed to come from the background in front of you, the IEM can push those elements all the way to sound distant.
  • Resolution wise, it can reveal some micro details and does not sound mushy. I would say “acceptable”. Not much to complain or praise for now.

IMHO, this is a balanced and matured set. It does not lean too much on “analytical” or “musical” at the expense of the other. The dynamic is the star of the show so far.


Since it came out, I was very intrigued to try these, so I finally decided to pull the trigger. Mine will arrive in 10 days.

I will make a review and compare it against the Timeless.

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