🔶 DUNU SA6 Ultra

This is the official thread for the DUNU SA6 Ultra

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • 6BA ZEOS Retuned SA6
  • Bass Dip Switch

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Z Reviews…


As a big of QDC’s Gemini and Anole VX (some of the most detailed and transparent tuning you’ll ever hear), The SA6 Ultra comes in as a total winner. Tuning is near spot on with the other two, with a small cutback in treble and details. Just for context…

Rough Detail Rating (1-10, 10 being best)

Anole VX- 10
Gemini- 9.75
SA6 Ultra- 8.75 or 9
Moondrop Variations- 7.5
Thieaudio Oracle- 6.5

Overall just a HUUUGE win…costing only 1/3 the price of Gemini and 1/4 the price of Anole VX. I’m rarely blown away, but I was today. Video is coming soon.


The Ultra has a real nice glide through the bass into the mids for sure…what’s the timbre like?

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It is a beautiful collab indeed, but the price bump from the original was way bigger than I imagined

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what’s the price?

when i opened earlier today the hifigo site was almost the double of the original sa6. i reopened now to confirm and there is no price now. maybe was an error of the site…idk


Yeah me too…but I thought it was similar to the og circa 500-600 bucks :man_shrugging:

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The shells look amazing…

But I bet they look better with cookie crumbles on them.


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On the HiFiGo website: " We listened to the fans of the original SA6 and delivered a worthy successor. The SA6 Ultra is everything the original offers, infused with more treble extension and air. Both give the SA6 Ultra the detail level and soundstage to rival any endgame level IEMs on the market today, alongside having an even more balanced and beautiful signature than the original. "
I think you can guess what the price will be. I accept bets.
I bet $850 :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Ohhhhhh DAMMIT. This hobby can go straight to hell … I am a whore for sets with high resolution playback :upside_down_face: If I had to guess price, I’d say $700 is a safe bet. Even at that, it seems to be a banger in the all BA landscape.


My man is out here TESTIFYING today!!! The hobby can fuck all the way off with this shit! :grin:

(Also don’t quote me but I thought I saw $650 or $695. Something with a 6 and 5, at least)

Bro, I can’t do this anymore :joy: I need to make minimum half a mil a year plus live in a shack to sufficiently feed the urge this hobby creates, please stop :joy: at $650-$695, they’ve got a winner. I would love to see some kind of comparison between this and the Monarch MKII because if there is anyway this competes - the Monarch’s may go up for sale.

Actually don’t quote me on that, at all. It was early in the morning and my reading comprehension skills failed

Honestly even up to the Kilobuck bracket, to me, it may be worth it. We shall see. PLUS the over all look of them with the new cable is pretty sexy.

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Honestly, when you consider what it’s up against such as the Campfire Andromeda ($1,100), Sony M9 ($1000), Hidition Viento ($1000), I agree. Heck, even if it’s priced at around $800 it will be good competition against the Moondrop S8 and Software RSV at around $700.

The problem is asking for 50% or more against the OG SA6 is coming with the expectation that it’s a good bit better in terms of tonality and/or technicalities. We shall see…

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I wouldn’t bet anything on the price until we get word from Dunu; it’s the same drivers (configuration, anyway), in the same shell, with a very similar cable (which is probably the current equivalent of the original). I can’t see them giving it a price bump, even as a limited collab, of more than maybe $30 over the OG. Consider that the VERNUS was the same price as the Falcon Pro, and had an even more limited release.

I bet it’s $500.

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Timmy’s first impression on the SA6 Ultra. He placed it higher than the Variations.


It seems that the techs are quite a bit higher than the OG, almost in line with sets that are more than double it’s price. I agree with you, though, even if they’re priced at $800, which is a substantial increase, they might be worth it and very very competitive in the bracket.

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