DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci 2DD+4BA Hybrid In-Ear Earphones

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DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci Aliexpress: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005006968062969.html… HiFiGo: https://hifigo.com/products/dunu-x-gizaudio-davinci… Amazon US: https://amazon.com/dp/B0D46F8S98/dunu+davinci/… Amazon JP: https://amazon.co.jp/dp/B0D46CXQGN/dunu+davinci/

These IEMs have been developed in collaboration with a domestic BA manufacturer, and we’ve made some significant improvements compared to conventional models.

One of the standout upgrades is the optimization and enhancement of the reed material used in the drivers. This upgrade results in a sound that’s more musical and nuanced, offering a richer listening experience. Traditional BA setups can sometimes sound a bit harsh, but with these improvements, the DaVinci IEMs deliver a smoother, more enjoyable sound signature.

If you’re looking for IEMs that provide both technical precision and a warm, engaging sound, the DUNU DaVinci might be worth considering.

DUNU x Gizaudio Collab Product.

Six-Driver Hybrid Configuration.

2DD+4BA Driver Setup Per Side.

Premium finish with Solid-Stabilized Wooden Face Panels.

Independent Dual-Chamber Dynamic Drivers.

Enhanced Five-Way Frequency Crossover.

Five Separate Acoustic Tubes.

Enhanced Sound Clarity and Bass Response.

Low-Distortion, Clean Sound Reproduction.

Comfortable Wearing Design.

Swappable Termination Plugs(3.5mm+4.4mm Plugs).

Interchangeable Cable(0.78mm 2-pin Connectors).

Technical Information:-

Impedance: 35Ω@1kHz.

Sensitivity: 109dB/mW.

THD+N: <0.5%@1kHz.

Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz.

Net Weight: 6.6g(per earpiece).

DUNU TopSound, usually referred as DUNU has come ahead with Gizaudio for their latest project, the DaVinci. DUNU DaVinci is a brand new six-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors designed with dual dynamic drivers and four BA drivers on each side. Using enhanced acoustic structure consisting of five independent acoustic tubes, DUNU DaVinci features a five-way frequency crossover for uninterrupted sound reproduction. Each driver works perfectly producing a strong and captivating sound with rich tonality, dynamic bass response, and crisp, detailed instruments. DUNU DaVinci is tuned in collaboration with Timmy from Gizaudio, a famous media channel in the field of HiFi Audio.

Meet DaVinci:-

DUNU and Gizaudio have taken inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, a world-renowned painter from Italy. He is still regarded as one of the best painters of all time. His stories, paintings, have inspired people from all the generations. The retail package design of the DaVinci features Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscripts as the main design element.

Carefully-Designed Six-Driver Hybrid Structure:-

DUNU DaVinci is designed with a six-driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair houses dual dynamic drivers, one 8mm and another 10mm, along with four customized Balanced Armature drivers on each side. The drivers are carefully adjusted and tuned for a true high-resolution sound experience with the pair.

Powerful Dual-Dynamic Driver With Independent Chamber Design:-

DUNU DaVinci houses an 8mm and a 10mm dynamic driver unit. Both the dynamic drivers have their own independent chamber design. This helps them to produce a powerful and rich lower-end response with low distortion and a refined signature.

Enhanced Five-Way Frequency Crossover:-

In order to produce a clean and precise sound with rich tonal value, and get the best out of each driver unit, DUNU has designed the DaVinci with a five-way enhanced crossover. DUNU has manufactured the shells in collaboration with Higetech, a renowned 3D printing brand. They have used high-precision 3D-printing technology to design a five-channel outlet and a stable acoustic structure for optimum performance.

The pair has five independent acoustic tubes for zero interference, and clear sound reproduction. The crossover is as follows, the 10mm DD unit produces a rumbling sub-bass region, 8mm DD unit delivers a fast and punchy lower-end response, a composite dual BA setup for accurate midrange, a customized high-frequency BA driver, and a customized ultra-high-frequency BA driver.

Tuned in Collaboration with Timmy:-

Timmy from Gizaudio is a known name in the HiFi Audio industry today. Gizaudio is a media channel where Timmy posts his video reviews. He has previously developed many successful collaborations such as LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo, Binary Acoustics x Gizaudio Chopin, etc. Based on the feedback provided by the people who auditioned the pair, The tuning for DaVinci has been finalized after the recent CanJam SG event.

Natural Grain Wood Solid-Stabilized Face Covers:-

DUNU has crafted the ear shells of DaVinci using high-quality skin-friendly resin material. The shells have rich looks with solid-stabilized wooden face panels. The overall pair is light in weight and has an ergonomic shape for a comfortable wearing experience.

Solid IEM Requires Solid Cable:-

DUNU has developed a new cable known as Leo for the DaVinci. The cable is made of four strands of high-purity single-crystal copper with silver plating for better signal conductivity. It features Litz braided structure for pure sound signal transmission. This cable has DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Mini swappable termination plug design featuring 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs in the package.


dang, these look nice aesthetically.


Here is my review.

The Pristine Dunu x Gizaudio DaVinci


Hey everyone, I wanted to share my impressions and review of the DUNU DaVinci.

These are my impressions based on my sound preferences.

Aesthetics & Build:

  • Visual Appeal: The faceplates are stunning, featuring a beautiful wooden look.
  • Comfort: Despite slightly large ear shells, they offer an excellent fit and comfort. I can wear them for hours without discomfort.
  • Accessories: Excellent and comprehensive accessories package. (Expected from DUNU)


  • Sound Signature: The sound signature is balanced with a noticeable bass boost and warmth.
  • Bass Quantity: The bass is a few dBs above what I consider neutral but very satisfying.
  • Sub-Bass: The sub-bass response is excellent, delivering a strong, satisfying rumble.
  • Mid-Bass: The mid-bass is punchy, providing a strong slam, thump, and impact.
  • Tactility: The bass is tactile, allowing you to feel as well as hear it, which is very satisfying.


  • Warmth: The lower mid-range is warm.
  • Vocals and Instruments: The bass adds thickness to male vocals, enriching them and making instruments sound full-bodied. The mid-range is meaty, making piano notes and instruments sound full.
  • Vocals: Vocals are balanced, neither recessed nor forward. Female vocals are detailed with good extension, without sounding thick or husky.

Treble & Technicalities:

  • Treble: The treble extension is smooth and detailed, with no sibilance.
  • Technical Performance: The IEM excels in technicalities and detail retrieval.


  • Bass Dominance: The bass is the standout feature here, with a strong presence across all genres. It grabs your attention more than the other sound frequencies.
  • Genre Versatility: The IEM performs wonderfully across various genres, including classical, hip hop, EDM, pop, rock, and metal.

Personal Preference:

  • Bass Preference: The bass is a few dBs above my personal listening preference.
  • Vocal Preference: I prefer slightly more forward vocals to balance the bass and enhance vocal clarity.

Congratulations to DUNU and Gizaudio! In my opinion, this is an excellent and well-tuned IEM. Is it the best under $500? Maybe not, but it’s definitely one of the best under $500.

Here is my video review for those who want to know more about it:


Akros review of the DaVinci :+1:

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Okay I’m just gonna say I am jealous of the shells on your set, just wow!
Mine, on the other hand, clearly were lifted in from the Island Of Misfit Toys hehe.

However that is the only dis…hats off to Timmy for delivering a really nice tuning OOTB.
Tonality wise, I’m feeling a less intense Doscinco. ( when matching tips) It’s a bit closer to that one the Cinco, to my ears.
In other words coherent, balanced and believable for virtually everything I throw at em.
I am a fan of the cable, sure it takes a sec longer to swap out, but it looks great, is comfy and won’t separate unexpectedly like some Penon cables I have.


Da Vinci users, how do they sound with electronic, soundtracks and atmospheric music (Hans Zimmer, Biosphere, Craig Padilla, etc)

I’ll say this: the track “Mountains” by Hans Zimmer is breathtaking. I just listened to Biosphere and I love it too—what an experience! The DaVinci enhances the background bass that enhances the foundation of the music, making everything sound more interesting and fun. It might not be 100% accurate, but it’s definitely enjoyable and very satisfying.


Thanks, man! I was really surprised myself by how they look. Honestly, they look a bit darker without direct lighting, but they’re still stunning. I haven’t listened to the Doscinco, but it sounds good according to many people. I bought the DaVinci to review, but after listening to it, I’m definitely keeping it. There’s something about their low-end presentation that makes them super versatile and enjoyable with every music genre. Hats off to Timmy and DUNU—they knew what they were doing with the DaVinci. Just a small note for you, my friend: replacing the original DUNU cable with a third-party one should be a crime (just kidding, of course)! I couldn’t ask for a better cable. :slightly_smiling_face:


A Different Take

We both have Davincis, but it ends there. My ears think almost opposite across the board from his description.
Overbearing bass? No. Present and north, sure, but interfering with mids? Not even close.
Spicy treble? Huge no, again. I am seriously treble sensitive, with already more than 30 hrs listening with Davinci, not a wince. So what gives with these dramatic differences of opinion? Is it the tips?
Also nothing " new school" here about the tuning, seriously how did he get there? I’ll go so far to say this is Old School if any school at all. I could actually mix with this set , no adjustments.
I use almost exclusively wide bore tips, and in this case Azla Crystals are best so far.
The cost of this one has zero bearing on my assessment, yet I did pay for them. In other words, don’t even go thinking this is defensive reaction. I’m just hearing it very differently.
I truly went looking for reality in these assessments, started with Buddy Guys “Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues”. If there is not enough bass, too much treble at all, that version from “Buddy’s Baddest” is wholly unlistenable, sounds perfect here. Or another way to say nicely balanced with bass.
Boz Scaggs “Corrina Corrina” up now, this track can highlight muddiness, or interference into mids especially because how the acoustic guitar in this tune can get a bit woofy and cross into the beautiful vocal…no problems .
I feel/acknowledge this iem is more into “intimate” territory then not. With closer response brings all with it, good and bad. I listen at realistic levels…so on the louder side. I think Timmy mentioned this tuning was a nod toward male vocals…indeed the Butastur sounds very distant and thin in comparison…so right up my alley.
Okay lets play again with tips, in this case narrower bore, Which is what i think this reviewer used?
So Spin Fits and Final E’s eh…uh… no , just no. Wide bore is the only way this sounds right to me…

Try “Real Blues” , 1st track on St Germain’s Real Blues At Jazz Remixes…nuff said…holy smokes.


I am treble sensitive as well. In my case, the bass is great and above neutral, but it doesn’t overshadow the mids. The treble isn’t harsh at all with my set. I agree with you— the more I listen, the more I feel that the DaVinci leans towards an intimate sound, which is a definite plus for male vocals.


Do we know yet if I can replace one of the Ziigaat twins with this instead?

If not I’ll probably skip the Ziigaat for now tbh and just go DaVinci since I’ve always wanted to own a Dunu, Dos/Cinco bass may be nice but I could just jump to Scarlet it and call it a day

Without still owning the Cincotres, but recent memory, I am reasonably confident saying the Davinci is an improved tuning of Cinco if looking at it from an all rounder perspective. There was a thinness in the Cinco I’m not hearing with Davinci.


Sweet, I’ll skip Cinco then go DaVinci for now then

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Davinci beauty shots incoming!

Great job, @Timmy-Gizaudio - The overall vibe of the unboxing is great. I’ll be doing some more listening this coming week!


damn those are nice pics man!


I’m sooo glad I can’t see mine while listening, but you kids all showing off yer beautiful sets, not helping! :unamused:


You got some nice looking woodgrain faceplates on your set, grats! :raised_hands: