DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci 2DD+4BA Hybrid In-Ear Earphones

Definitely, it would’ve been priced easily at around $600-700 couple of years ago


Your review pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of my own listening experiences. The bass and sub bass response is too much for me, so I used blue masking tape to cover the vents on the shells for the dynamic drivers in order to tame the bass. This of course turns the DaVinci into a non-vented IEM, yet that doesn’t matter since I am using Tang Sancai Balanced eartips which provide venting. I am completely deaf in one ear. I have to listen to everything mixed to mono. The DaVinci’s sub bass and bass are separately layered on top of the rest of the frequency response such that for the first time I truly hear the layering such that I can easily focus on other individual instruments regardless of the bass overtones. The bass is very punchy and very tight. The bass also has an amazing amount of texture – more texture than I have heard with any other IEM. Once you hear the layering and the texture of the DaVinci’s bass, you can not unhear it or ever forget it. Vocals are outstanding. The dip at 6 kHz is perhaps a bit too broad and deep, yet this dip does prevent “s” and “sh” sounds in female vocals from being either harsh or sibilant. The entire upper midrange and treble is very nicely detailed and is not harsh or sibilant in any way for me. The DaVinci’s powerful bass initially threw me off. The DaVinci, with the tape mod and a lot more listening time, has rapidly grown on me such that the DaVinci definitely is a keeper.


Toooooo much bass! NOT FOR ME.
The JizVinki is like Mama Bear Porridge Juuuuust Right!


I have small ears. Maybe this makes the bass more boomy for me due to the smaller volume of my ear canals. I paired the DaVinci with the Zonie Moss color cable for an aesthetically pleasing color combination. I performed a lot of tip rolling and discovered that some eartips can make the bass sound muddy. It turns out that those eartips, once installed, could be spun around on the nozzles pretty easily and could not maintain a tight seal around the nozzles since the air being moved by the DDs is considerable.


The middle of bottom of bottom picture😅. Beautiful!

Here’s my objective take on DaVinci:

Pros: Balanced Sound Signature: Offers a balanced and warm sound signature.
Impressive Bass: Excellent bass extension, dynamics, and slam.
Natural Mid-range: Realistic and tactile instrument and vocal reproduction.
Controlled Treble: Natural-sounding treble with adequate energy and detail.
Technical Performance: Outstanding detail, instrument separation, and imaging for the price.
Elegant Design: High-quality resin shell with a stunning stabilized wood faceplate.
Comprehensive Accessories: Comes with a wide assortment of ear tips and interchangeable terminations.

Cons: Large Size: The IEMs are on the larger side, which might not suit all ears.
Bass Quantity: Bass quantity might be above preference for some listeners.
Cable Softness: The included cable is not the softest available at this price point.
Some might find the tuning not perfectly aligned with their personal preferences.

Subjectively, the tuning does not align with my preferences and even after using a masking tape over the vents, the bass quantity is just too much.


Thanks, man. The bass on the DaVinci is more than I usually prefer, but I have to admit, it’s growing on me. None of my other IEMs have bass like the DaVinci. I use it for specific music genres, as well as movies and videos, and it’s incredibly immersive. Like you said, the bass is so textured and layered that once you hear it, it’s unforgettable. I haven’t experienced anything like this before. While the dip at 6kHz is a bit much, I’d take that any day over sibilance. I’m not a basshead, but the DaVinci is definitely a keeper for me too. I watched Resolve talk about the tape mod. Does the bass still have the same quality with the tape mod?

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Sounds like a set that you not only can blast really loud but should be blasted really loud?

I usually keep the volume low and don’t recommend listening loudly. However, I must admit that on bass-heavy tracks, I often find myself turning up the volume to enjoy the deep bass and feel the vibrations against my ear. While I’m not a basshead, it’s an experience worth having.


Did you hear the Doscinco yet? My prime issue with that set was its width and lacking stereo imaging - felt a bit too mono.

How is the Davinci in those regards? Does it engulf and envelop or are things mostly happening and originating Infront of you in the middle?

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I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Doscinco yet. As for the DaVinci, it offers decent stereo imaging with clear left and right separation, providing good overall imaging. The soundstage leans towards a slightly intimate presentation rather than being centered.


Yes, it does.

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The engagement is amazing if you blast it really loud. I limit my really loud listening to no more than a half hour, and not every day.

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Although DaVinci is not in the same price range as Z1R but Z1R for me has the best bass out there. Period


Have both, for me, Davinci is somewhat wide and flat while Dos is more engulfing and more intimate, so less wide but more dimensional. Imaging is a toss up.


Have you tried the Spirit Torino ?

I have seen cases where loud music caused Tinnitus, way too often. so anything above ~75 ( not including crest factor offcourse) is my comfort zone.

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Minus the weird fit and weight when I wore it, spirit Torino had wonderful dynamics, punch and slam in bass. The tone and timbre was natural but not as accurate as twilight!! It sounded very romanticised (which I have no complaints about) and did scale with power.

What source do you think an IEM user should consider to drive these hungry IEMs ? I might get a desktop setup, looking for options

Everywhere I go I see you. Get mojo 2, should be good enough for iem. Although if you can hear the difference between cables then I’ve nothing for you

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