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You can add my review: ZEN by DUNU - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

And the amp recommendation is a warmer amp. (like the Asgard 3 and the DX160)

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@luizgarcia I’ll be curious to hear what you think about the Zen when it arrives. I really enjoyed it when I had it. (Kinda missing it actually.) It was definitely a bass hammer second only to the Hyla Sarda in everything I’ve heard. But it also had some sweetness to the sound that I remember enjoying so it’s much more than a one-trick pony. Build and accessories are top notch as well. Very solid set overall and I highly recommend it, especially at the prices they are selling for used these days.



Just joined the club!

I will post impressions after a few hours of listening, but so far i love these!


Ok so after a few hours of listening to the Zen i must say i am mind blown by it, this is the first IEM able to measure up to my beloved Fostex Ebony.

The bass is something in its own league, i did need to apply a low shelf EQ since i am a bit of a basshead, but after that i could not ask for more, the texture, tightness and specially how clean it is never interfering with mids. And the slam!

The mids are natural and enjoyable to my ears and the highs were a bit dark for me although detailed but i easily adjusted that to my taste with some EQ.

I am glad i invested in this set, it has the sound i was chasing after for months! Oh and the cable, what an awesome cable!

@Resolution thank you for selling me these! You nailed it when you described how good these were.


Are you using a high-shelf boost on the upper-treble (10k)?

I actually did a bit more than just that :slight_smile:

EDIT: some may think this is not a good enough set if i had to apply all this EQ, but this is just me, i apply lots of EQ to all my headphones and IEMs, i could not care less about how they were tuned to sound out of the box, hahaha (i know, blasphemy!!)


I still think if you’re doing that to the Zen in EQ, you’re really after a crazy V shaped set. The only set I think that might do that for you is the Empire Ears LEGEND X.

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I was thinking that, then the price tag said TWO THOUSAND.
So EQ it is :joy:


Well… yeah, there’s the price tag. But can you put a price tag on ultimate enjoyment without EQ? I think this is the ultimate set for you guys. Start saving those pennies.

Side note… I find it hilarious after all of these LAND discussions concerning the 5K peak, the Legend X in all of its tuning craziness, it purposely still carves out the 5K region. Why would anyone accentuate it? lol

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Yeah i mean, i don’t doubt the Legend X would be even better, but i am just not willing to invest that much. I still need the Zen to be able to achieve the type of sound i am looking for, if i apply that type of EQ to other sets the driver will just not be able to deliver.

As for enjoyment without EQ, that is just not for me. Some people dislike EQ, others think it is the ultimate sin to even consider it, for me i have zero problem with it. I actually even enjoy tweaking frequencies to my liking, for me it is part of the fun…


Check out the Bravado MK2.

Looks better than the LX for me.

And is 800 usd.

(Bravdo Mk2 is a tribrid as well, 1 DD + 1 BA + 2 EST, while the LX is a 2 DD + 5 BA setup.)

Everything always sounds better to me without EQ. I’d much rather try to get the transducer to give me what I want without having to digitally alter the source.


@Bravado, 5K peak, yikes! But as @luizgarcia said earlier, the FD5 treble does not both him, the Bravado might be perfect.

5k peak doesnt bother me.

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I have tried to find any issues with the sound after EQ and i just cannot find a single problem, all i hear is the expected difference for the frequency i am adjusting, i guess i am lucky! lol


Empire ears uses a pretty interesting DD (and BAs).