Dynamic, Planar or Electrostatic

If you could choose just one type of driver which would it be and why?

  • Dynamic
  • Planar
  • Electrostatic

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For me it’s dynamic simply because they’re more versatile when in comes to driving them…no stupid expensive "energiser/amp electrostatic malarky, Planar’s are indeed awesome :heart: but I have a fear technology wise of headphones that don’t take kindly to being driven by tubes :older_man:t3:

Only had Planars on once, so I could vote, but on what basis?

Don’t think I could choose only one type of driver lol, and imo it would depend more on the headphone itself then the driver

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This is a cruel question.


I agree lol. So many options and decisions :thinking:

Currently, my pick is dynamic, mostly because I’m infatuated with the closed verite ironwoods, in all likelihood my answer will change in a couple of months.

However, I feel the omission of ba drivers is flawed, after all, a few of the final audio headphones have bas

Eh, as a sonorous VI owner I think it’s more of a gimmick imo lol. They are good, but I don’t think the ba is that big of a deal. You can easily accomplish a similar sound without the ba imo. Although the presentation of soundstage is pretty interesting, and that could have something to do with the ba

Has to be planar because options exist now that can be driven with sane equipment and can do pretty much eveything dynamics can, but at higher speed/resolution. Maybe dynamics/impact are not quite there, but they’re not as bad as e-stats either. E-stats are stupid uncomfortable to drive and don’t have the best frequency responses, and don’t have weight/impact to the sound (from what I’m reading). Only thing about them is god-tier speed/detail. So planars best girl. (IEMs are not even in the running for me, they can’t hit the skin with bass and almost all are closed-back, so not even at the starting line for the fidelity race.)

There are some pretty killer iems out there, but it’s more preference. Also yeah the timbre of estats has really turned me off most of the time

Sure, for 3x the price of real headphones with the same FR but open and with bass impact on the skin. :slight_smile:

All the best headphones ive heard of and that are reviewed are planars. There seems to be very few electro-stats out there. Dynamics seem like old tech.

I definitely wouldn’t call dynamics old tech. That would be like dismissing the wheel on a car as old tech and no longer wanted lol. I think that many totl tend to gravitate towards planar because it’s a middle ground between estat and dynamic

Also estat and the idea of planar have been around for awhile too

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I haven’t voted because I don’t have enough experience. I’ve hard all three…in fact, the Stax SR-204’s were my first major headphone purchase, but they have weaknesses, like no bass for anything but instrumental. I bought the HE-35x and HE-4xx and since getting the 4xx, haven’t listened to the 35x again.

How about “all of them”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Technology and how it reproduces the sound is what interests me the most, and I definitely don’t imagine myself with a “wall” of headphones like Zeos, so I want just one of each.

There’s also “balanced” IEMs, and a few rare headphones with AMT tweeters in them.
Yes, I want this too. No, I’m not rich. I’ve started “the cheap AF headphones thread” and “the too good for the price list”. So, yeah. Even the cheapest stuff is really, really interesting (Like KZ AS-06 full-balanced 3-drivers for 30$), and sounds really interesting too (I already have KZ ZS10 Pros – will give to a friend if I prefer the AS06).

Uh, corrected myself. I wrote “I want at least one of each”, but meant “just one of each”.


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Are you sure? You sure that’s not your mind giving you some hints? :thinking:

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> You sure that’s not your mind giving you some hints?

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Hahaha, maybe maybe :smiley:

The MrSpeakers Voce is probably the best can I’ve heard (after the Abyss Phi) - estat, moves air. But $8k w/ the right amp.

HD-600 and BH Crack an amazing budget choice

Then a pile of planars in my collection…

BTW, how come Ribbon and AMT technology didn’t get listed? In 10 years both will chop away mostly at planar dominance in the high end.