Ears getting hot with every headphone; On ear suggestions?


Ive tried I think 3 headphones(DT 770, AKG K371
and DT 990) While each have been getting better and better, I still get hot ears and they are pretty much uncomfy.

I think Ive pretty much faced reality that over ear headphones are simply not for me. I perfer on ear ones that allow me to be comfy.

I hate the iBud crap or whatever its called type headphones even more.

I mostly listen to hip-hop so I want the headphones to be oriented towards that. I also listen to movies and plan to use them while streaming Twitch.

My budget I think is set at 300 euros. I dont wanna go higher than than. That being said, I am flexible so…


Welcome to the IEM massive :fist: lol

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What headphones did you try? I have the same issues but mostly only when I use close backs.

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I specifically said I hate them.

I tried both DT 770 and DT 990 and another one…I get just too much heat built up

Well good luck in finding an alternative maybe something like the Koss KPH 30i? I mostly stopped using Headphones for the exact same reason getting hot ears, since going down the IEM route problem solved :+1:
I can assure you a good IEM is no “crap iBud” what ever that is? and can deliver as good a sonic experience as headphones at the same price without the hot ear syndrome.
BTW what crap IEM’s have you tried?

Every IEM I’ve tried feels uncomfy to me.

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On ear doesn’t really have a reputation of being more comfortable than over ears though. I guess if on ear is your choice then maybe try some grados or the kph30i’s?

*I’ve given up on wearing on ears for long listening sessions because of the pressure on my ears though.

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HP Omen, the cooling headphone. :wink:

I recommend the 1More Triple Driver headphone. on ear and sounds great. has really nice bass too

My personal recommendations are the Koss KSC75 or go down the speaker route.
I think you’d also find on-ears just as uncomfortable, for different reasons. A lot of them will have pressure points on your ears, which I assume will make you uncomfortable as well. Best of luck.

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I wouldn’t recommend it here since they said they have sensitive ears, and also the 1More get really hot and sweaty if you don’t live in a cold climate.
However, I actually think that Grados would be a really good option.
Those SR80e that Zeos reviewed might actually be a really good choice here. Those are about as open and airy as you can get.

I think you may have to open the pandoras box of speakers.

dont get anything higher than a SR80e lol. the other grado models are not that great lol

I think the under 500 range of grado are not great, but I think when you get to stuff like the rs2 or ps500e they get pretty good from there

Yeah I do actually think Zeos is right when he says that the lowest cost Grados and the highest cost are where they do better, not in the middle.

I sometimes want to throw my headphones out the window, especially after extended listening sessions. I have a few different types and all of them eventually make me feel very uncomfortable and I stop listening to the music.

You have 3 solutions for “Hot ears”:
#1 is use IEM’s. Since you don’t like IEM’s, solution #1 is not for you.
#2 is go to a speaker based system.
#3 is go buy a small fan like I did, aim it at your head from a few feet away and get some relief. The fan is sometimes too noisy and annoys me, and eventually the air hitting my head annoys me too. It’s the best partial solution I have found to extend my listening sessions to 3-4 hrs though.

My Small Fan:

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If you’re willing to try one more over-ear, I would recommend the HD58X with these pads.

They are alcantara and have a larger ear opening so very little to no parts of your ear should touch. I found the HD58X to pretty much solve my problem with hot ears while gaming for a long time.

I don’t think on ears will really help as my ears get rather hot while using the kph30i. So I guess if the HD58X and yaxi pads don’t workget something like the ksc75 (no pressure on your ears which I find to be cooler) or get some speakers like the rb42 and an amp.

Still think the Grado SR80e would be super good choice.

Yeah I don’t know if on ears would help much. Less hot but may get uncomfortable open backs or speakers are your best bet.

Would grados really be a good option if he wants something more geared for hip hop though?

I agree that the 58x might be okay but I haven’t tried other pads. I also don’t experience hot ears to bad with any of mine so I’m unsure. The 7xx stay pretty cool for me but I don’t if the sound would be up your alley. :man_shrugging: