Edifier S3000Pro discussion topic

Hello guys!

Want to open Edifier S3000Pro discussion topic for everyone to share experiences with these bad boys.

Looking to upgrade from KEF Q100 and seeking some input.

For me Edifiers and Swans remain “underground” brands compared to more common speakers. Now leaning towards Elac Uni-fi FS5 slim towers due to their dedicated mid range driver.

I think I’m not the only one wondering how good they are.

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I’m very interested in that pair.

I was thinking about getting a pair of Klipsch r-51pm and a r-100sw sub.

Getting the Klipsch kit will be more expensive but I’ll probably get more bass.

My plan is to use them in my living room to play basically everything.

What you guys think?

Get the edifiers see if there’s enough bass. If not go minidsp hd + sub of your choice.

Tried the edifier and it sounds very nice, but I don’t know about the bass. It’s not because is weak but I don’t know if I consider enough.

Do you think the Klipsch RP-600M plus a sub will be a comparable set (of course it will have more bass).

The klipsch rp600m are non active so you’d have to buy an amplifier + the sub. Way more expensive if you consider the s3000 is 800$ i think in the US. Don’t know about the bass. Never heard neither of them. Zreviews for both these speakers.

There’s a pro on the Klipsch side: I really want to have a surround sound in a near future.

Zeos seems very impresses with Edifier’s and called Klipsch’s the Gold Standard, but I don’t know how they compare to each other.

Hi guy’s!

I’m new here.

I stumbeled across this topic and had to leave a reply, because i own both the RP-600M’s and the Edifier 3000 Pro’s.

The RP 600M’s are very good speakers but the S3000 Pro’s are a step above in almost any way exept dynamics and volume.

The RP 600M’s can play really loud and dynamic as well but it will sound like it is forced upon you on louder volume levels. Although they really improved the horn design i think they will work better if your listening position is further away. And i think they will be really good for home theater, with a sub off course.

The S3000 Pro’s are dynamic and play pretty loud as well, but because the sound is so controlled and clean you’ll never get annoyed or fatigued with it’s presentation.

Both speakers are analytic and detailed in sound presentation.

And those planar ribbon tweeters in the S3000 Pro’s are absolutely ridiculous at this pricepoint. I only heard that kind of top end candy on Aurum Phonologue speakers costing many times more.

I have used the same equipment cables and stands on both loudspeakers exept the power amps when i listened to the Edifiers off course.

Rotel RC 1070 Preamp
Rotel RB 1080 Poweramp
Rotel RB 1090 Poweramp
Oehlbach NF 214 Interlinks throughout the system
Kemp Hi Power Cords throughout the system
Kemp linear powersupply for the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus

I can’t give a opinion on the bluetooth capability’s of the Edifiers because i only listen to them through a pre amp and separate dac with a home theater pc as a source.

Hope this info suits you guy’s well.

Have a good weekend!



I really wanted these for my TV-setup when sold the previous ones in need of cash, but they where just a bit too much with shipping. Would have not needed the current Maia Preamp and could have just used the Edifiers.
Was updating my surround speakers so money was tight then… so JBL 305P that was.

Maybe some day the Edifiers will be here.

I have the S3000 Pro’s connected to my TV. How can there not be enough bass? There’s metric shittons of it! Or at least, plenty enough for me.

I will say, buying the matching stands makes a huge difference.I was waiting for the stands to come in so they had to make do on the floor - the difference with them up off the floor is huge, they sound really nice now. But yeah, there’s oodles of bass, and that’s on the default setting.

There again, you may like your bass more than I do :slight_smile:

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I had edifier s3000pro for 5 days now. I did not go to work for 3 days. Just listening to music.


I have the stands to go with them… Very nice.